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What Happen? Did someone set us up the bomb?

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  • What Happen? Did someone set us up the bomb?

    How come there haven't been any new courses for a long while?

    Is anyone interested in doing some AU necromancy with me?
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    Marathon, the reason my friends and I have been playing the same hotseat game since 2006...

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    What you say!
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      I guess Zargon hasn't felt like creating any more in a while.

      Occansionly I see something interesting on Rhelms Beyond.

      I don't like that extra security around Civ Fantastics game of the month. If they released versions without the verify assets & files I'd play some of them, but since I installed the unoffical patches directly into my civ 4 assets folder it would be too much work to get my files into something that security would accept.
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