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AU202 DAR Thread 4 - Modern Era ~ Endgame

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  • AU202 DAR Thread 4 - Modern Era ~ Endgame

    Of course, you might have won the game an entirely by this point, but you get what I'm saying
    I make movies. Come check 'em out.

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    1866 AD – 1970 AD

    Research goes Electricity -> Industrialism -> Radio -> Rocketry. In a promising sign, Elizabeth offers a trade of Wheat for Gems which I take. Apparently occupying someone’s capital is fine for trade relations. I propose open borders which also goes down pretty well. I feel comfortable that she won’t attack me now so I should have some time to deal with Isabella and Toku.

    I capture Spain’s outlying colony of Valencia.

    This is what mainland Spain looked like before the invasion

    I capture Cordoba with an amphibious assault and then advance along land and capture Madrid (a triple holy city!), Salmanaca and Barcelona before getting peace with Isabella. I was very concerned about Osaka’s cultural influence choking off my Spanish acquisitions so I figured I should deal with Toku before finishing off Isabella.

    Research now goes Satellites -> Plastics -> Composites -> Computers. Isabella starts trying to get cosy again by proposing open borders. This is really going to help me in my war against Toku so I accept. This is what mainland Japan looked like prior to my invasion:

    I start with Osaka and then move along to capturing Satsuma, Tokyo, Kyoto and Kagoshima. With Japan gutted I turn my attention back to Isabella. In this time I built the Pentagon in Washington(!).

    Research now goes Robotics -> Biology. I decide it is now time to finish off the Spanish. They have an empire of 2 parts, Seville:

    And the rest:

    I start off with Seville and then move down to take Santiago, Murcia and finally Toledo destroying the Spanish civilisation. If I was smart I would now roll over Korea but they have been friendly most of the game and it feels treacherous to do so. Seville and Toledo have high Korean culture pressure and are threatening to flip so I stack big garrisons in them to prevent this from happening. I know a lot of people don’t like this feature but it felt kind of cool to send in the tanks to crush a rebellion.

    Research goes Refrigeration -> Genetics -> Medicine. After Medicine I turn off research and upgrade everything (this included some Warriors getting upgraded to Mechanised Infantry). I decide to finish off the Greek to help remove the “motherland” happiness penalty. I capture their final city easily and destroy their civ. I then move back to Japan. They now have 3 colonies, Sapporo


    And Nara

    And a landmass

    I invade the 3 colonies and then move on to the landmass, starting with Shimoneski and then moving on to Nagasaki, Izumo and Nagoya. This doesn’t destroy their civ and I notice they have an artic colony (Yokohama) so I go and take that. This also doesn’t destroy their civ so I extort their map for peace to find their last colony and it turns out they have another artic colony. Toku will have to wait for now as I have bigger fish to fry.

    The world diplomatic situation is that Elizabeth has defensive pacts with both Roosevelt and Wang. As I said before I don’t really want to fight Wang, he also has modern weapons and I am worried about a 2 front war. In order to remove the Wang factor I declare war against Roosevelt which activates the defensive pact with Elizabeth who declares war on me. Her declaring war on me seems to have invalidated her pact with Wang (which I hoped it would) keeping him out of the conflict. I trigger off my first golden age to help roll Elizabeth. This is what the core of their civ looked like prior to the war:

    The first thing that happened was that Roosevelt vassalled himself to Elizabeth. The first target was York, then we advanced on Warwick, Hastings and Oxford. With the English home isle conquered we move on to the other islands.

    This was the next island to be captured:

    And then the islands to Norwich and Brighton

    This gave me over 64% land which should have triggered a Domination victory but because the scenario (on epic speed) finishes at 1850 it is not possible to do what because you just count as having won a time victory at 1850 or, if you modify the save to turn off time victory, a loss.

    This was very disappointing as I have never won a domination victory and was keen to see the cinematic but oh well.


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      OK, now that people have caught up...

      1906AD: Pentagon in Nidaros.
      1908AD: Toku adopts Emancipation.
      1920AD: Eiffel Tower built in Uppsala (second city)
      1926AD: GS Born in Nidaros, added to city.
      1930AD: Complete Apollo Program in Uppsala.
      1934AD: Start Golden Age GP/GA started, to speed along Spaceship production and tech.
      1938AD: Roosevelt completes Apollo.
      1942AD: Thrusters completesx1
      1944AD: Thrusters completesx2
      1946AD: Casing completesx1. Alex adopts Emancipation.
      1950AD: Casing completesx2.
      1952AD: Casing completesx3.
      1956AD: Roosevelt completes Casingx1.
      1962AD: GE born in Nidaros from Fusion tech. Casing Completesx4.
      1964AD: GE born in Nidaros. Cockpit completesx1
      1966AD: Golden Age starts, using GE/GP/GA. UN forces everyone to enter Environmentalism
      1970AD: Internet built.
      1972AD: Thrusters completesx3.
      1974AD: Casing completesx5.
      1978AD: Rossevelt completes Thrustersx2
      1982AD: Engine completesx1. Enter Emancipation because of the UN
      1984AD: Roosevelt completes Casingx2
      1986AD: Life Supportx1. Izzy completes Apollo.
      1990AD: Roosevelt completes Casingx3.
      1996AD: GM born in Uppsala
      1998AD: Complete Space Elevator using the second GE to speed it along
      2000AD: Docking Bayx1 and Stasis Chamberx1 complete.
      2001AD: The Space Odyssey begins! (I win.)

      Nothing really to explain. I got Eiffle tower because I was usingthe culture slider anyway and the broadcast towers would help me lower it and speed up tech a little. Pentagon was partly for denial to other civs and partly becasue I wouldn't be able to change to theocracy. I saved up some artists and prophets and used them in conjunction with newly produced GP for golden ages to speed along the space ship. The Space Elevator was simply because it got me the space ship one turn sooner I got it so late; nothing could be done about that, because techs were the rate determining step; ie I could build the parts fast enough because that last tech alwasy takes longer to get to than it takes to build all of the other parts, so the only time I would have needed the elevator was if I had the techs and so did teh AI, and I needed to beat the AI in production speed.

      But this was a real cakewalk on Prince. Only took about 5 hours 20 minutes to complete the game (started about midnight and had most of the turn by turn account in decent form by 6 am.) It's interesting to see the more aggressive accounts of the game, especiialy considering that you have to expand to get the resources needed to carry on the warts through the eras.

      If I was to do anything different, but with the same rules ie staying on the hom,e continent, I think I would have tried to trade resources a little more and should have deinately tried to spread religion aggressively, because the money would really have come in useful due to the higher usage of the culture slider.

      You just wasted six ... no, seven ... seconds of your life reading this sentence.


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        Normal Speed Noble w Blake's AI Mod
        The Modern Era
        1908 - ????

        Current Civics: Dem + Free Speach + Eman + Mer + Free Religion

        1908 Start Rocketry

        1914 Sell Rifling to Liz for Communism & 255 gold

        Trade Spice to Ross for Hit Musicial

        1916 All Frigates have now been upgraded to Destroyers

        1918 All Galleons have now been upgraded to Transports

        1920 Start Electricy; [neither Ross nor Liz willing to trade]

        1922 Complete Hermitage is Rusk

        1924 Start Radio because a Great Enginner has just been born (Liz has this tech but won't trade)

        1928 Complete Mt Rushmore in Rusk

        1930 Start Ind to reveal the AL (Ross has this tech but won't trade)

        1932 Complete Pentagon in the Capital. Use GE to speed up Effiel Tower

        1934 Start Satelights

        1937 Complete Efel Tower in capital. Complete West Point in Rointon

        1941 Start Refridge to improve the healthiness of our citizens.

        All remaining Rifles upgraded to Infs. (There are still lots of obsolete Long Bows)

        1944 Start Computers, a no brainer: Labories for science now (and space parts later), and leads to Genetics & Robotics

        1948 Complete Rock N Roll in the capital. Change deal with Ross to give them Hit Single instead for Hit Musical

        1950 Start Genetics to improve the healthiness of our citizens. Reach the 100 turn warning

        1956 Start Plastics as part of beeline to Robotics

        1958 All remaining Longbows upgraded to Infs

        1960 A Great Enginner is born & saved

        1961 complete Apollo Program & start a couple of SS parts immedately due to Liz going for cultural victory

        1962 Start Robotics for the space Elevator
        Also an inspection of my cities reveals exactly one city in my empire capiable of building 3 Georges and it's not particularly useful on that landmass.

        1968 Start Fiber Optics as part of beline to Fusion.
        Complete 1st SS Casing
        Use that saved Great Enginner to hurry along the Space Elevator
        Many Infs upgraded to Mechs

        1969 Complete 2nd SS Casing

        1972 Start Fission, continuing the beeline.

        1976 Start Fusion for the spaceship part

        1977 Complete 3rd SS Casing

        1979 Complete the Space Elevator; numerious SS parts started.
        Trade Hit Single to Liz for Hit Movie

        1981 My capital has now achieved Legendary culture

        1982 Start Ecology for the final space ship part, I guess a couple cities could use a Recyling Center as well
        Settle the just born GE in Jelling, the Iron Works city. Which is more useful to me than the other alternatives

        1986 Start Composites

        1987 Isabella completes Apollo Program

        1988 Complete 5th SS Casing & 1st SS Thrusters

        1991 Start Artillery (Neither Ross nor Isabella will trade)
        Complete 2nd SS Thrusters

        1992 Complete Docking Bay
        All remaining Infs have now been upgraded to Mechs; increase tech rate from 80% to 90%

        1993 Start Media (neither Liz nor Ross will trade)
        Complete SS Cockpit

        1994 Isabella complets 1st SS Casing

        1996 Complete the Tech Tree; switch to 100% culture [at 100% science 6 turns to FT 1 but only 3 turns from completing last SS parts]
        About this time my 3rd most cultural city has run out of useful buildings and it starts building culture and all specailsts there turned into artists

        1997 Liz completes the UN; my aramada of 4 Battleships, 5 Transports, 6 ex Berserker Mechs & 12 Marines sets sail; 1 Destroyer in front
        To keep Liz in the dark, we keep the borders open

        1998 A Great Scientist is born, I have him build an academy in my 3rd most cultural city for the culture benifit alone

        Complete the SS Engine & 3rd SS Thrusters

        Isabella complets 2nd SS Casing; too little; too late

        1999 Win a Spaceship Victory; never the less, please vote for UN Sec General between Liz and myself.
        I think I'll vote for me

        Time Spent: 17 hours & 27 minutes
        Apprently I showed the leadership skills of Henry VIII

        Apprently the spaceship victory preempts finding out who won the Sec General race along with my plans to sack London if Liz had won it.
        Attached Files
        1st C3DG Term 7 Science Advisor 1st C3DG Term 8 Domestic Minister
        Templar Science Minister
        AI: I sure wish Jon would hurry up and complete his turn, he's been at it for over 1,200,000 milliseconds now. :mad: