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AU201 - DAR1: The Opening (until ~1000BC)

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    Jon's Dar Ancient Era (Prince)

    4000 BC Get Scout from goody hut

    3960 BC Found London one tile north of starting tile on forest to better bring in ocean resources
    Start researching Myst

    3600 BC Discover Myst. Start Poly.

    3200 BC Discover Poly. Start A.D. Found Hinduism

    2880 BC Discover A.D. Start Wheel.
    Bud founded in a distant land.

    2560 BC Discover Wheel. Start Pottery

    2400 BC Found York. Bring in more ocean resources & Incense

    2280 BC Discover Pottery. Start A.H.

    1960 BC Hepratus declares us the most cultured civ.
    Discover A.H. Start B.W.

    1640 BC Discover B.W. Start Hunting

    1480 BC Discover Hunting. Start Archery

    1400 BC Found Nottingham. Take in Horses, Corn, Fish

    1280 BC Discover Archery. Start Sailing

    1240 BC Judism founded far away. Stonehidge built far away

    1080 BC Discover Sailing. Start Pristhood

    950 BC Discover Pristhood. Start Writing

    900 BC Great Wall built far away

    850 BC Discover Writing. Start I.W.

    775 BC Found Hastings. Bring in Whales, Sugar

    625 BC Enter the Classical Era

    Oh and how I used the Char traight; in this era mostly passively, allowing my cities to be one pop larger than a non Char traight. This was especally true since I mostly had the attitude of who cares about unhealthiness during the area. It really wasn't until early classical era that I started a Monument building campaign.

    I also was heavy until geographic expansion in this game with all those nearby resources and so didn't try to get wonders.
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    AI: I sure wish Jon would hurry up and complete his turn, he's been at it for over 1,200,000 milliseconds now. :mad:


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      Monarch difficulty, Epic speed. I move the warrior to the hut and pop a Scout. I decide to found the city in the forest to the north to get Fish and Wheat in the fat cross and to prevent the other visible resources from being blocked by the capital. There is so much food that I figure two or three cities sharing the resources will grow more quickly. I'm concerned over the lack of production. Bronze working is my first research choice as London begins a Workboat. No worker any time soon, so bronze gives me access to the whip and will guide my second city.

      3790 BC - I meet Persia.

      3670 BC - My scout is killed by a bear. This is a bit early even for me.

      3280 BC - I discover Bronze Working and the copper next to the capital! I'm glad I didn't found on top of it.

      3250 BC - I whip an unhealthy population to finish the work boat 4 turns early. I select Agriculture as my next tech and queue up a worker. Next turn the workboat will finish and build a fishery on the fish. I will begin researching towards Pottery now and build a granary and settler as quickly as I can.

      2980 BC - Worker finishes and starts on the mine for copper. 3 turns to Agriculture. 6 turns to city size three, so I will dump 6 turns of work into a Settler. He'll go out unescorted when the time comes....

      2890 BC - I get Agriculture and start on The Wheel.

      2530 BC - Wheel. Start Pottery. I'll whip granaries and start cottages.

      2500 BC - I whip my settler in London for 1 population. It saves me three turns of building.

      2440 BC - Overflow finishes a warrior who will be a garrison. I start a worker.

      2380 BC - I found York a few tiles east of where I earlier decided. I realized it would be a long time before I got to use the wheat and I could keep all resources and have better land. The blue circle validated my choice for me as I moved my settler over there. I start a barracks. This city will start spitting out axemen for defense.

      2170 BC - I get Pottery and begin on Sailing. I will build a lighthouse in London to speed things along and next get Writing to build a Library. I want an Academy because London is going to have lots of Commerce I think. I haven't decided yet if I want to prevent the wheat farm from being irrigated ever by building all of the cottages in those precious few grassland tiles I have. London is also beginning its granary.

      1900 BC - I whip a Granary in London for 2 population. I start a warrior next turn with overflow and the London warrior begins to move to York so both cities will have a garrison.

      1810 BC - My Woodsman II warrior is killed by a barbarain warrior while standing on a clear hill. He has discoverd almost nothing since getting promoted.

      1720 BC - I have Sailing. I select Writing.

      1630 BC - I switch YOrk to a granary for 1 turn then whip it

      1360 BC - I find a distant city site to the south that is my favorite spot for city number three. The warrior who found it is injured but is fogbusting. I send my London warrior ahead to do the same to provide a path to the new city.

      1210 BC - I have writing and I start Alphabet to start trading. I whip my lighthouse in London and begin the LIbrary.

      1200 BC - Persia lands a galley and poaches the city site I just mentioned. I hate that. It's nowhere near Persia. Grr. My settler detours to the position in the west I had marked earlier with two seafood tiles. It'll be a whip factory for a while, I guess.

      1150 BC - I decide I want hunting to get a mix of spears into my army since I am unsure if Persia has horses and I now intend to take the two cities nearest me from them.

      1000 BC - I have hunting and go back to Alphabet, which I'll have in 33 turns.

      My cities are in good shape for whipping, and I intend to build an Academy in London ASAP. I should probably grab archery before finishing Alphabet to start building highly promoted Archers with my protective trait. I did not think about that yet. I want to use Charisma to whip a bit more ferociously than I normally would, and to get lots of promotions in a war against Persia that I should begin once I have 4-5 Axes ready to go after the first city. It will be nice having CHarismatic since I have no luxuries until Calendar. I have put off signing Open Borders because York closed off my little land mass, but I now sign them with Washington and Brennus. I must build a settler to quickly claim the souther penninsula before Cyrus or another spams a city there. All three early religions have been founded, and Brennus has Hinduism. I have no religion at this time.


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        Some screens to illustrate my progress and give the lay of the land.

        Founding London:

        Some initial dot mapping. I can't shake the feeling this is sub-optimal. There are lots of resources in a small area with desert nearby. To the east of our peninsula is all of that plains without fresh water nearby.... But at the time I took this it was my best bet. You'll see I founded York farther east than indicated here. I didn this for the sake of working wheat right away and using a London border pop to get the fish so I wouldn't have to worry about culture in York for a long time.

        Stupid Persians:

        1000 BC: