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AU course idea : City Development Focus

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  • AU course idea : City Development Focus

    A common theme in strategy discussions are things like city placement, build orders etc.

    My idea is to have a game with an intense focus on matters of economy and city development.

    The settings would be along the lines of Islands, with the player getting a decent sized island which is guaranteed to be isolated until Optics. The Civ used would have fairly neutral traits and starting techs. Peter is a good possiblity here.
    I'm thinking of the guarantee of getting an early religion if you want one (ie the AI are cherry-picked to make it very likely) but you'll need to research Mysticism.
    It is likely the map will be slightly doctored with the removal of huts (random techs = bad) and also in all probability the Oracle will be eliminated to remove CS Slingshot from the equation.
    Settings will be standard, with non-raging barbarians, since defense is always of economic concern.

    The important aspect of this Course would be that DAR's should focus intimately on things like precise city locations, build orders to develop new cities, objectives for each city (ie City Specialization), expansion tempo and wherever possible include reasoning.

    Since a strong early game is so critical for later game success it wouldn't be nessecary for this to be a full game - it would be quite adequate to go only until say 500AD (ofcourse you can play it out if you wish). Time periods will be shorter than usual and DEFINITELY based on dates rather than techs or era. It would also be acceptable to chart the progress of each city rather than the empire as a whole.

    I will create the scenario for this course.

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    I like it.

    Best regards,


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      Sounds like an interesting idea, Blake. I'll be intrigued to see the scenario.
      I make movies. Come check 'em out.


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          I'm up for this game.