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What settings do you normally play?

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    -Anything I can randomize is.


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      I've been playing large/fractal/12 civs lately and been having a blast.
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        Standard size
        Terra, continents or Fractal
        Epic speed
        Everything else standard
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          Normally Monarch, as I'm trying to stay "within the main" for purposes of writing more guides as time and health permit, but sometimes Emp for grins.

          Large or bigger maps.

          12-18 Civs

          Continents or Terra

          If the wife's not playing too, then Raging Barbs

          with a modified civ xml file so my wife can play the "pre-warlords" Cathy when she wants to join me.


          EDIT: That's the Civ I trained her on, and she loves the synergy...she was QUITE peeved when we installed Warlords and they "gutted my Cathy," so we fixed that.
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            When I play by myself I randomize it, normally play on warlord or noble depending on my mood that day and I usually playn with 18 civ's on a huge map.

            When I play with my wife, we play large or standard map, usually with us as a team and on warlord, tropical, archeapolegio with 6-8 other civ's.


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              Map Size: Huge (Sometimes Large)
              Speed Mode: Marathon
              Map Script: Shuffle (or Pangea, I like that for some reason)
              Dificulty Level: Warlord (Although I just won my first Noble level game!)
              Default number of Civs for Map Size
              Leader: Random unless it is Creative or Expansive (Those traits are not as effective at my level of play.)
              Barbarians are turned back on now since they are smarter and I can build the Great Wall.
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                Originally posted by ZargonX
                I play a pretty standard game:

                -Standard Map
                -Continents, temperate, medium water
                -7 Civs
                -Prince difficulty
                -Normal speed
                -Random civ. I feel this helps me develop different tactics depending on who I start with and in what situation. Prevents me from getting to into a "groove"
                Replace Continents with Fractal and these would be my settings, too.


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                  Replace Continents with Fractal and these would be my settings, too.
                  Interesting you should mention that, because I've started playing pretty much only on Fractal now, too!
                  I make movies. Come check 'em out.