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AU 101 DAR 7: Modern Era

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  • AU 101 DAR 7: Modern Era

    Please post your DARs here for the duration of the Modern Era.
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    Jon's Dar VII The Modern Era: Spreading religion to Alpha Centauri
    1834 AD to 1949 AD Prince

    Game Objectives and personal limitations

    1: Found all 7 religions. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.
    2: Convert as many neighbors to my state religion as soon as possible. POST FREE RELIGION DOESN'T MATTER
    3: Spread as many religions to my own cities as possible. (4+ in all my own cities required before I can win) COMPLETE
    4: I shall win the game by a peaceful means (Culture, Diplomatic, or Spaceship) Going for SPACESHIP

    1838 AD Victoria's GA ends

    1840 AD Victoria adopts Free Religion

    1842 AD Discover Mass Media. Start researching Industrailization as a prereq to Plastics

    1852 AD Complete the Eiffel Tower in Salmancia

    1854 AD Discover Industralization. Start reseraching Plastics for the three George Dam

    3 sources of AL are within my cultural boundaries; none of them even have a road yet but they'll definately be connected soon

    1858 AD Inca's adopt Free Speach

    1862 AD Plinny declares us the wealthist civ in the world

    1864 AD Christanity spread to Bartin

    1866 AD Discover Plastics. Start researching Computers; but see below
    Furs obsoletion causes us to lose the sugar from Greece (no replacement good advaible); the excess GPT of several civs, and causes at least Madrid & Salmancia to have at least one mad citizen

    10% Culture tax implemented. All cities angry citizens go away

    Sell Assembly Line to Greece for Artillery + 310 gold
    Buy Flight from Catherine for Plastics + 780 gold

    Change research goal to Rocketry [no cost]. The AI will never trade Rocketry; so I have to reserach it myself; and the sooner I complete Apollo Program the better

    Christanity spread to Dunking.

    1868 AD Great Phophet born in Madrid settles in Barcelonia
    Hinduism spread to Frankfurt

    1870 AD Hollywood completed in Salamanca
    Rock N Roll completed in Chehalis

    Trade Hit Single to Incans for Hit Musical.
    Take most AIs free gold with a trade of Hit Musical or Hit Movie.

    Culture tax abolished and science restored to 100%

    1874 AD Discover Rocketry. Start researching Computers for Labatories

    1876 AD UN completed in Madrid, but Catherine would win the election

    1884 AD Discover Computers. Start researching Robotics to determine if we can build the Space Elevator

    1886 AD Spread Hinduism to Munich
    Spread Confucism to Pamplond

    1888 AD UN Resolution #104 : Adopt a single currency passes unamiously, adding a trade route to everyone's cities.

    1890 AD Incans close the borders.

    1896 AD UN Resolution #3445 : Free Speach passes 1012 to 81 with Rome being the only oppoent.
    Alexander, Catherine, Rome, and Victoria all adopt Free Speach

    1898 AD Discover Robotics
    Start reseaching Fiber Optics
    COmplete the Three Georges Dam in Salamanca

    1900 AD Borders of Toledo expand

    1904 AD Join a colition defeating UN Resolution 1190 AD : Enviormentalism
    Complete the Apollo Program in Madrid
    Spread Hinduism to Berlin
    Spread Confucism to Zaragoza; our non-capital cities now all have six religions (Madrid has had 7 for centuries)
    Spread Hinduism to Essen
    Spread Confucism to Barcelonia

    1908 AD Discover Fiber Optics. Start resarching Fission as part of a beeline to Fusion for the free Enginner while it can still be used for something good
    Victoria completes Apollo Program
    Spread Hinduism to Dortmund
    Spread Confucism to Seville

    1910 AD Incas ask to open the borders. Agreed
    Borders of Cordoba expand

    1912 AD Sell Mass Media to Catherine for Fission (1/2 researched) and 730 gold
    Start reseraching Fussion
    Confucism spread to Salamanca
    Confucism spread to Santiago
    Hindusm spread to Dusseldorf

    1914 AD Great Phophet born in Madrid settles in Barcelonia
    Spread Hinduism to Cologne

    1916 AD Spread Hinduism to Stuttgurt

    1918 AD Trade Hit Single to Rome for Wine
    Frederick switches to Free Religion
    Spread Hinduism to Hamburg

    1920 AD Complete the Space Elevator in Salamanca
    Spread Confucism to Surmatin

    1921 AD Catherine completes the Apollo Program
    Victoria completes her first SS Casing
    Spread Judism to Munich

    1922 AD Discover Fusion. Start researching Ecology for the SS part
    Victoria completes her 2nd & 3rd SS casing
    Have the Free Enginer settle in Salamanca

    1924 AD UN Resolution #1284 (No nukes) passes unamouisly
    Victoria complets her 4th SS Casing

    1925 AD Discover Ecology. Start researching Refridgeration as prereq to Genetics

    1928 AD Discover Refrigeration. Start reseraching Genetics
    Join a colition voting down Enviormentalism
    Complete 1st & 2nd SS Casing
    Victoria complets her 5th and final SS Casing

    1929 AD Complete the Internet in Madrid; immedately granted Satelights
    Complete 3rd and 4th SS Casing

    1930 AD Finish 5th and final SS Casing
    Finish SS Docking Bay
    Catherine completes her first SS Casing
    Spread Confucisum to Chehalis

    1931 AD Alexander completes the Apollo Program

    1932 AD Discover Genetics. Start reseraching Facism because Catherine has already discovered the other two techs
    Spread Confucism to Cordoba
    Spread Confucism to Munich
    Confucism becomes the 6th religion present in all my cities
    Spread Hinduism to Brenen

    1933 AD Catherine completes her 2nd & 3rd SS Casing
    Spread Hinduism to Drisburg

    1934 AD Discover Fascism.
    Catherine's GA begins
    Reseach turned off since Catherine has the only two techs
    100% culture tax implemented
    Great Phophet born in Chehalis; will settle in Barcelonia next turn

    1935 AD Borders of Sarmatin expand
    Complete SS Life Support
    Catherine completes her 4th & 5th SS Casing and her first SS Thrusters
    Incas complete the Apollo Program
    Islam spread to Toledo

    1936 AD Catherine completes her SS Cockpit

    1938 AD Complete SS Cockpit & SS Engine
    Catherine completes her second SS Thrusters

    1939 AD Catherine was a defensive pact. Agreed since she's the most advanced civ.
    Complete first SS Thrusters

    1940 AD UN Resolution #3312 Universal Suffrage passes 943-262 (Rome & England objecting)
    Alexander completes first SS Casing
    Alexander, Catherine, Rome, Inancs, and Victoria forciably adopt Universal Suffrage

    1941 AD Borders of Santiago expand
    Alexander builds 2nd SS Casing
    Catherine builds her 3rd and final SS Thrusters
    Catherine's GA ends
    Incas build first SS Casing

    1942 AD Complete 2nd SS Thruster
    Granted Medicine from the Internet

    1944 AD UN Resolution #427 Free Religino pases 1115-100 (Rome objecting)
    Complete SS Statis Chamber
    Borders of Murcia expand
    Borders of Valencia expand
    Incas GA begins
    Alexander & Casear forcably adopt Free Religion

    1945 AD Incas build 2nd SS casing
    Spanish revolt in Dortmund

    1946 AD Alexander builds 3rd SS Casing
    Great Artist born in Madrid builds a great work in Salamanca
    Spread Islam to Zaragoza
    Spread Islam to Pamplona

    1947 AD Borders of Zaragoza expand
    Alexander finish 4th SS Casing
    Incas finish 3rd SS casing
    Victoria complotes Docking Station
    Spread Islam to Valencia
    All 7 religions are now present in all cities of my empire

    1948 AD Become the UN Secretary General
    Alexander finish 5th & final SS Casing
    Catherine finish Status Chamber
    Incas finish 4th SS casing

    1949 AD Complete 3rd and final SS Thurster
    Win a spaceship victory

    End of DAR VII

    Time spent: 22 hours 24 minutes

    Goals 1, 3, and 4 were fully accomplished

    The nature of the map resulted in only one land mass neighbor and so all foriegn missonaries went to Germany.

    Also, from the replay, it appeared that Julies Caesar especally ran into problems from the religion shut out; they raized several barb towns early on and also they ended up being the AI farthest behind
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    AI: I sure wish Jon would hurry up and complete his turn, he's been at it for over 1,200,000 milliseconds now. :mad:


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      The Replay shot
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      AI: I sure wish Jon would hurry up and complete his turn, he's been at it for over 1,200,000 milliseconds now. :mad:


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        Place in History
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        AI: I sure wish Jon would hurry up and complete his turn, he's been at it for over 1,200,000 milliseconds now. :mad:


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          Nice one, jon
          I make movies. Come check 'em out.