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AU 101 DAR 6: The Industrial Era

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  • AU 101 DAR 6: The Industrial Era

    Please post your DARs here for the duration of the Industrial Era.
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    MadDjinn DAR VI

    Prince Level

    This is the final DAR for this pass.

    I decided that it wasn't a great score gainer to hit the modern era , just to be in the modern era, especially since the most likely path requires you to give up monastaries. any attempt at getting tech other than fascism requires going through Scientific Method....
    mayhaps a limiting factor if you want a 'modern' religious society.

    Our goal is to achieve a cultural victory.
    our 3 cities are chosen: Madrid, Barcelona and Seville.
    We will spread all 7 religions to all 9 cities in our empire to allow each of the 3 cities to achieve 350% bonus for culture (before the extra 100% for Free Speech)
    we'll also attempt to boost our income in anyway possible to be able to buy religious buildings faster.

    1740 AD - found the Masjid al-Haram in Toledo. more money

    1750 AD - we learn the secrets of the Constitution. we hold off from switching to Representation, as we move to become a Democracy.

    1765 AD - we here news that York was captured by the Greeks! at the same time, it appears Alex is kind enough to give the English a chance to change their ways and a peace treaty is signed.

    1780 AD - we discovery Democracy! We decide to switch to Universal Sufferage, Free Speech, Emancipation and Free Religion, while keeping Free Markets. This will allow us to buy any buildings we need, boost production in the 3 culture cities as well as speed cottage/village growth, double culture output, and allow culture from all religions in each city.

    1795 AD - the Corporation is our final learned Technology. this will allow another trade route per city, and Wall Street if we choose to build it. at this point we switch to 90% culture, 10% gold production.

    1824 AD - Alexander decides that Julius has been a christian for too long and declares war on him!

    1830 AD - Navajo has been conquered by the Greeks!

    1846 AD - Alex takes Pisae!

    1852 AD - Alex captures Ardea and burns it to the ground!

    1868 AD - despite not actually spending money on it, our citizens still manage to learn the art of Steel making. they continue on to Railroads.

    1890 AD - Madrid, while still pumping out missionaries to convert the heathens still resisting in our cities, has become a Legendary City!

    1890 AD - the Greeks push on into Roman territory and capture Antium.

    1900 AD - Munich's citizens have decided that they wish to be with us! we gladly accept them into our empire. Unlike the Frankfurt citizens, who'd rather starve to death than join us, Munichs citizens are very smart. We also take the time to trade the cow, that the Germans had previously been using, back to them for a steady income

    1918 AD - Ravenna has been captured and razed by the Greeks! have they no morals!

    1918 AD - Murcia finally accepts Judaism and becomes the last of our cities to have all 7 religions. All we can do now is wait for Seville to get the culture it needs.

    1920 AD - Like a shining beacon of light, Barcelona becomes a Legendary culture city! now we wait for Seville... which unfortunately has too small of a base commerce income. this may take awhile...

    1922 AD - The Russians have built the Apollo Program! while they would be far ahead in a Space Race, and indeed are 500 points ahead of us at the moment, we will safely make Seville a Legendary city before they can build that pathetic ship.

    1923 AD - The Fall of Rome has occured. The Romans are left as a small shell of a nation that they once were.

    1927 AD - Alex finally takes pity on the Romans and declares a truce.

    1927 AD - our citizen learn the secrets of the Railroad, and go about speeding up traffic. We use this opportunity to trade it to the Romans for Military Traditions. hopefully they can rebuild their soon to be lost empire.

    1932 AD - Madrid finally decides to build the Temple of Solomon. too little too late, as we don't really need the income and are almost finished with this world.

    1941 AD - After many millenia, our goals are finally met! Seville becomes a Legendary City and the world bows down to our cultural might!

    we finish with a score of 8762. rather poor considering, but I think that's due to Sevilles not having a 100+ base commerce income. we also needed to get more workers in the field earlier than we did, as well as choosing which 3 cities would be Legendary much sooner, and getting them improved faster. (not to mention getting culture+ buildings in there sooner)

    as I kept to founding 9 cities, my score and stats are lower than both Cathy's and Alex's since they have bigger empires.

    in the next run, I think I'm going to aim a bit higher for city count, and work out a better 3rd city. and meet the other civs a bit faster.. better for tech trading and extra resources (which helped alot for larger cities. mainly traded for health boni as happiness was well covered)


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      Jon's Dar VI The Industrial Era : Broadcasting Religion
      1690 AD to 1834 AD Prince

      Game Objectives and personal limitations

      1: Found all 7 religions. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.
      2: Convert as many neighbors to my state religion as soon as possible. POST FREE RELIGION DOESN'T MATTER
      3: Spread as many religions to my own cities as possible. (4+ in all my own cities required before I can win)
      4: I shall win the game by a peaceful means (Culture, Diplomatic, or Spaceship)

      This Era's goals:

      1: Catch up with the Russians in tech
      2: Discover Assembly Lines and get Factories up and running along with an Iron Works
      3: Discover Rail and make good progress laying it.

      1690 AD Spread Buddhism to Chehalis.
      Spread Buddhism to Toledo

      1695 AD Borders of Valencia expand
      Borders of Palmpon expand

      1700 AD Spanish empire now holds 20 Million Souls

      1705 AD Livy say's we're the most cultured civ in the world
      Alexander adopts Free Market

      1710 AD Catherine adopts Emancipation
      Rome adopts Representation
      Victoria complets Versilles
      Budhism spread to Martin
      Budhism spread to Marcia

      1720 AD Discover Physics (1st in the world) Start Steam Power for faster workers
      Use the Free Great Scientist to build an Academy in Madrid
      Buy Coropation from Victoria for Democracy & 80 gold. (Victoria has partualy researched Democracy)
      One Tech behind Catherine (Biology). One tech in front (Physics) Catherine won't trade Biology.
      Budhism spread to Valencia.
      Budhism, Hinduism, Judism, and Christanity are now present in every city in our empire.
      Closest Uraninium is near Dusseldorf!

      1725 AD Spread Taoism to Cordoba
      Spread Taoism to Santiago
      Spread Taoism to Seville

      1730 AD Borders of Santiago expand

      1735 AD Spread Taoism to Toledo

      1740 AD Discover Steam Power; start researching Steel as a pre-req to Railroads
      Coal near Madrid; already connected
      St Patrick born in Madrid, constructs The Kung Moo. All 7 shrines have now been built.

      1745 AD Victora adopts Representation, Emmancipation, and Free Market

      1750 AD Borders of Sarmarine expand

      1755 AD Spread Taoism to Chehalis
      Spread Taoism to Zaragoza

      1760 AD Discover Steel. Start researching Railroads
      Catherine is now 3 techs in front, 2 techs back, and won't trade. Everyone else is behind me.

      1765 AD Spread Taoism to Pamplon
      Spread Taoism to Solmanca

      1775 AD Spread Taoism to Valencia

      1785 AD Discover the Railroad. Start researching Combustion to hook up the oil.
      Spread Taoism to Salmatin
      Spread Taoism to Murcia
      Taoism is now the 5th religion present in all cities in my empire.
      Islam spread to Barcelonia.
      Islam spread to Seville
      Buy Military Tradition from Catherine for RR + 90 gold

      1790 AD Borders of Marcia expand
      Islam spread to Santiago

      1802 AD Spread Islam to Cordoria

      1804 AD Discover Combustion. Start researching Assembly Line for Factories
      Sell Physics to Catherine for Biology + 430 gold

      1806 AD Borders of Valencia expand.
      Incans adopt Emmancipation
      Islam spread to Chehalia

      1808 AD Germany adopts Universial Suffridge, Free Speach, and Emmancipation

      1812 AD Buy Communism from Germany for Steam Power + 70 gold

      1814 AD Discover Assembly Line. Start reseraching Electricity.
      Alexander adopts Emmancipation

      1816 AD Rome adopts Free Market

      1818 AD Borders of Barcelonia expand

      1820 AD Borders of Chehalis expand
      Borders of Pamplona expand

      1822 AD Borders of Serville expand

      1824 AD Discover Electricity. Start the Radio as part of a beeline to Mass Media
      Victoria's GA begins
      Great Scientist born in Madrid founds Academy in Cordoba

      1826 AD Borders of Zaranoa expand

      1830 AD Borders of Salmanca expand

      1834 AD Enter the Modern Era
      Discover Radio. Start Mass Media

      End of DAR VI

      We're now one tech behind the Russians (Artilery) but two in front. In addition, we are soaking up all their free cash in a GPT for fur deal. (We're doing the same thing to several other civs)

      The first few factories are complete, and so is the Iron Works.

      There's close to solid rail connection between cities and in addition, most of the improvements that further benifit from rail have them.

      Most of our cities have six religions. A few have five (one more than needed to win), and the capital has all seven.

      Also note the over 100 GPT at 100% science. This is actually without Wall Street; that city is still building it's factory.
      Attached Files
      1st C3DG Term 7 Science Advisor 1st C3DG Term 8 Domestic Minister
      Templar Science Minister
      AI: I sure wish Jon would hurry up and complete his turn, he's been at it for over 1,200,000 milliseconds now. :mad: