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AU 101 DAR 2: 1480 BC Until Start of Classical Era

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  • AU 101 DAR 2: 1480 BC Until Start of Classical Era

    Please post your DARs here for 1480BC until you enter the Classical era.
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    it been a balance act between homeland defense and getting to the religon

    1440 Founded Animal Husbandry
    1400 research Pottery
    1360 adopt slavery
    research Bronze working
    1240 founded pottery
    research sailing
    975 founded sailing
    Research writing
    975 Cordoba founded
    825 founded writing
    research Theology
    775 spread Judihism to first foriegn city
    225 Lost and won back city of Cordoba from barbs
    200 founded christianity
    125 spread chritianity to first foreign city
    25BC founded horseback riding
    research coode of laws
    1AD built Mahahodhi
    25AD Find Julius
    100AD Alexander finds me

    trying to spread religions of my own to each city when possible, starting with buddhism

    will always offer open border with all AI's

    more later on
    anti steam and proud of it

    CDO ....its OCD in alpha order like it should be


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      posted wrong DAR here.
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        Jon's Dar II The Oracle Slingshot to Christanity
        1520 BC to 700 BC Prince

        Objectives and personal limitations

        1: Found all 7 religions. I'll consider it a defeat if this fails.
        2: Convert as many neighbors to my state religion as soon as possible.
        3: Spread as many religions to my own cities as possible. (4+ in all my own cities required before I can win)
        4: I shall win the game by a peaceful means (Culture, Diplomatic, or Spaceship)

        1360 BC Discover the Pristhood. Start Writing

        1320 BC Connect the Corn

        1240 BC Start construction of the Oracle in Madrid as a slingshot to Theology.

        1120 BC Discover Writing. Start researching Mining; which would help the Oracle along.
        Open the border with Germany [This is an open-type map and we need to convert our neighbros]

        1080 BC Fur connected.

        1000 BC Discover Mining. Start reseraching BW; some of the trees have got to go.

        950 BC Stonehidge built far away.

        925 BC Warrior in Serville sucessfully fights off 2 Barbarbian Warriors. Promote to Combat I.

        875 BC Discover BW, Adopt Slavery Start reseraching Archery, we need better defenders against the Barbs
        Closest Coper source is within city limits of Serville, but the borders haven't expanded at all there.

        850 BC Connect Sheep

        800 BC Discover Archery. Start researching IW.

        700 BC The Oracle is COmplete. Choose Theology as the free tech.
        We have founded Christanity in Seville. 4 religions down, 3 to go.

        End of Dar II

        Status Report:

        Goal 1: Over half complete.
        Goal 2: Not started yet.
        Goal 3: Every city in my empire now has at least one religion.
        Goal 4: Too early
        Attached Files
        1st C3DG Term 7 Science Advisor 1st C3DG Term 8 Domestic Minister
        Templar Science Minister
        AI: I sure wish Jon would hurry up and complete his turn, he's been at it for over 1,200,000 milliseconds now. :mad:


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          1320 go for confucianism
          875 3rd city over by the spices
          750 1st to Confucianism!
          700 Oracle AND 1st to Taoism!
          300 studying alphabet
          75 4th city to the east


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            MadDjinn DAR II
            Prince Level

            well, this one lasted ~25 turns or so...

            As I had the 3 ancient era Religions, and just finished Writing, I needed a fast shot to grab the next few.

            there does seem to be some AI trying to gain the religions as well (had to refine my attempts a few times...)

            I decided to do the Philosophy Slingshot to make it to Medieval times... Philosophy is a better freebie than Theology, as it's beaker value is much higher (and leads to better techs).

            I also decided that Barcelona was in the best position to be our mega-Science city, since it had alot of good cottage area around it, and a food resource. This meant I needed another city to gain the next few religions, since I didn't want any sullying of the GS production.

            Hoping that my minimal defenses would last under the pressure of Barbarians, we moved forward with our plans.

            Stonehenge is completed in 1360 BC (Madrid). We move directly to the Oracle.

            Barcelona starts a Settler at the same time.

            Freddy asks for Open Borders but we don't want him going into our area to create new cities quite yet, so we deny him for now.

            we pray that our warriors can withstand the tide of barbarians so that we may yet gain more enlightenment to spread across the land.

            in 900 BC our Settler sets off to found a new city.

            Seville is founded on the ocean near Barcelona in 850 BC. this will net us some rice and fish when our borders expand.

            only a few turns later...

            in 775 BC we make a major transformation of our culture.

            we discover Code Of Laws, which allows us to found Confucianism in Seville!

            We complete the Oracle in Madrid!

            Our Sages then find an understanding of Philosophy, and found Taoism in Barcelona (unfortunate this, but we will find a way to handle it.)

            Our slingshot is complete and we shift focus to Hunting/Archery so that we may post centuries to protect our workers that we'll make soon.

            We are now Medieval!


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              MadDjinn DAR II v2

              Prince Level

              we continue our previously started goals.

              1) found all religions (2 down, 5 to go)
              2) found 4 more cities (still need)
              3) connect strategic resources
              4) find the other AIs (need to found a coastal city and build ships)
              5) found Barcelona and Seville in the uber-culture city locations.


              1480 BC - we found Barcelona. it starts immediately on a warrior for protection.

              1440 BC - the secrets on Monotheism are learned. we move on to Priesthood.
              - Judaism is founded in Barcelona.
              - we switch to Organised religion civic.

              1320 - we discover the secrets of Priesthood. on to Mining.

              1200 - Mining learned. on to Code of Law.

              the barbarians are getting ansy... we send out our first warrior as a guide for our new settler that Madrid produced. Madrid starts on the Oracle.

              925 BC - Seville found to the north of Madrid. we'll take advantage of both sides of the river for cottages here.
              *note: we need to speed up Settler production as the Germans founded Cologne near Barcelona. if we can't block them from sending settlers past there, then they'll get into the south before we take the good city sites.

              the barbarians are coming! we quickly sprint our first warrior back to Madrid for its defence. many barbarian warriors are coming.

              725 BC - they come. with only a turn or 3 left before we get to the Oracle and CoL, the barbarians attack! our stalwart defenders of Madrid survive the rush. Our first warrior is seriously wounded! down to 2 HP he settles in on the mountainous forest to heal his wounds and prepare for the next round of fighting. thankfully the barbarians kept attacking across the rivers, rather than crossing it first.

              700 BC - a year of grace!
              - the barbarian hordes are wiped out!
              - Code of Laws is learned. we move to Sailing.
              - Confucianism is founded in Seville!
              - the Oracle is completed in Madrid!
              - We decide that Civil Service would be good for the prophets to learn.
              - we switch to Bureaucracy civic.
              - Moses is born in Madrid!
              - we must decide to either learn Theology, or create a holy shrine in Madrid...

              we have become Medieval!

              1) 2 more down, 3 to go. well on our way.
              2) 2 cities more to go.
              3) Marble and corn connected. worker headed to rice.
              4) not yet.
              5) done.