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AU101 - Holier Than Thou

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  • AU101 - Holier Than Thou

    Welcome to AU101 - Holier Than Thou. The course description and file are located slightly further down in this thread.
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    Spanish are ok.

    We could study two different approaches.

    1. spreading your state religion as effectively as possible to other civs --> profit, info

    2. getting as many of the religions as possible to spread to your own cities to benefit from multiple monesteries, temples and later free religion

    ..combination of these two is also an option
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      Since I hear that the Spainish AI often founds a lot of religions at high difficulty levels, it makes a lot of sense to me to play the Spainish in a relgion centric AU course.
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        Re: AU101 - Holier Than Thou

        Originally posted by ZargonX
        I'm going to put together an AU course
        You have to do it now because you said you would


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          I'll have something soon
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            Ok, here's the start for the course...

            Scenario file will be up soon.
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              wow! Lots of floodplains.
              The people will be very sick.
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                the trees and corn will help though


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                  Good site.

                  Just waiting.

                  Thank you.

                  Best regards,


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                    The people will be very sick. Sick to death of whippings.

                    Spain's a great choice. Expansionist has been buffed, high time for it to be the center of attention.


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                      thanks hero !!!!

                      cant wait
                      anti steam and proud of it

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                        I will have the scenario up for everyone tonight, just in time for the weekend!
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                          Without further ado, here is AU101 - Holier Than Thou.

                          The goals of this course are multiple:

                          -Found as many religions as possible yourself.
                          -Convert your neighbors to your religions for diplomacy and profit!
                          -Spread as many religions to your own cities as possible to benefit from multiple temples/shrines/etc.

                          Cultural wins are a strong possibility here, as is a diplomatic win, but don't feel limited. See how proceeding down the religious tech tree changes your game goals, see how missionairies can spread your religion and give you glimpses into enemy cities, and see how much money can be made through a little faith. Good luck, and godspeed!

                          Instructions for loading the scenario:

                          1. Unzip the file and put it in the WorldBuilder directory in the Saves folder.

                          2. Start Civ IV and select Single Player, then Scenario.

                          3. Select au101_holier and click OK on the bottom right corner.

                          4. Customize your civ information, if you like.

                          5. Select your difficulty level. (Please leave Game Speed at Normal so well all be playing under the same conditions.) Then click OK.
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                            Just opened it to have a quick look before bedtime (before sunrise more presicely, I am at GMT+1, 63N). The terrain looks good for expansive trait I must say.

                            Should we post the DARs like last time?
                            Ancient - Classical - Medieval etc.

                            - Cal
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                              Yes, please post your DARs according to the previous format. I will dig that up and repost it remind everyone.
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