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  • BTS font issue

    Hi there! I have decided to give CivIV another run, 4-5 years after I stopped playing it. But I am having a serious game-breaking issue. Installed all three parts (civIV, warlords, BTS) and started BTS. In the loading screen I can see no text. The >>> <<< thingies are there, but no letters between those. Problem exists only in BTS, Warldords and vanilla are ok. Managed to get the game starting by using a mod (a new dawn) which presumably changes the fonts in the starting screen, but the problem is the same in game - about 1/4 of the text is missing and I see instead of text, question marks (???????) Is there a way to alleviate this problem? I have checked the font folder, but nothing wrong seems to be going there. Already got through one reinstall. Game is thtrough steam, I am running Windows 10 on a Lenovo laptop, video card is Nvidia 840M. Thank you for any help!