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  • Adding Player Attack Bonus?

    I find the combat system type annoying for me(may just be me) but its frustrating when I'm viewing combat odds and I have like a 95% chance of winning but i lose and not just once but multiple times. Ill attack with a big stack and lose almost half of it even though all my combat odds where 90% chance of success or higher. The main question is, is there a way to give the player an attack bonus like how the player gets one when fighting barbarians but when the player attacks another AI civilization. One that will show up when you view the combat odds it will say something like player bonus 50%(in green). I don't really play Civ4 for the difficulty, I play it for the action of winning a battle and the feeling of "yea! I'm about to take over the world" If it involves editing xml files, I'm okay with that. My Beyond the sword expansion has been severely edited to make war a bit more fun but losing a 93% over and over just really makes me turn the game off. Any help would be extremely appreciated.

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    Reminds of Alpha Centauri. The game gave you odds before each battle and asked you if you still wanted to attack or not. Problem is, your odds seemed like they always had to be significantly higher, like a 2-1 or else you were doomed to lose. Maybe it was just my impression and the math was actually square on, though, cant be sure now that I think about it...