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    It makes me sad that Call To Power has sort of slipped through the cracks of the various Civilization fan communities and has almost become lost to time. A few times I've come across lost people asking for help on CTP issues as they just didn't know where to go and ask. I hope to maybe rebuild a bit of a CTP presence on the forums and on social media so that CTP fans know that there's places they can go and talk about the games and get help on issues and exchange cool mods etc. Stopping the rot and righting this wrong will be a bit of a side project I plan to work on over the next few years.

    In the meantime I feel it's important to build a database of just what's left out there so that CTP refugees can find each other...

    Firstly where can fans even get the games now? CTP1 is stuck in licensing hell due to its use of the Civilization name however maybe with pressure GoG might release a modified version with the Civ branding removed. Thankfully CTP2 didn't have that problem so its available!
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