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    I just wanted to know what settings you guys use when u make a solo game. For me its Tera on huge with max AI and the only winning option conquest i do take diplomatic victory also because in my experience the palace and UN dont show up if u dont take this and the global votes are quite fun. Difficulty lvl is everything after prince, most of the time i go monarch or if u never tried this go for it hella big battles not so easy to take everyone down and really cool late game or not if you find out some science civ has finished the nuke arms race and is staking 60+nukes xD

    Favourite leader for me is rome cause it just feels like you building some dope ass empire to rule them all even if his traits besides (org) are **** but his unit helps to take that early lead you will need to keep up with the others, the khans are good and budica for double double unit xp and pericles is good too Lemme know what you guys like
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