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How do people play Civ IV?

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  • How do people play Civ IV?

    Some background : I started with Civilization IV and all its DLC but bought and moved on to V when i was 30 hours into IV, so I don't have lots of experience with it(now I'm playing VI).

    So, a couple days ago I moved back to my parents house for a few days and played a bit of civ 4 to pass the time on my dad's pc (it couldn't run 5 or 6).I decided to play at the medium and small continents map setting with islands in between. When I'm playing 5 or 6 I'm playing(and winning) on 4.Prince, so I decided to play on 4.Noble. Shaka and Ramsess are in my continent, everything's fine and at around turn 150 I have 2 cities and they have 5-6 each. What the hell happened? How can they support all these cities? Anyways, they're severely underleveled and I have good relations with both of them so I figure everything will be fine and continue growing my 2 good cities.A report came in stating I was the 2nd most advanced civilization while Shaka was last, further boosting my ego.

    Then, outta nowhere they both declare war on me and now three stacks of 10+ units are about to attack my city with 5 longbowmen for defense (what happened next will not surprise you!)whatsapp web whatsapp plus

    Feeling ultimately deceived by my friend Shaka and his vassal state Egypt(when did that happen?) I rage quit the game, but decide to come back stonger. I pick Alexander and play at the same settings. The Ottomans and Japan are on my continent. I am the first to settle a second city and Japan settles a city near it. I start building longbowmen for defense and then start building a lot of Phalanx units and Catapults for the inevitable attack. Inbetween I also settle a third city. My relationship with the Ottomans is friendly, which is good, but Japan is Annoyee for some reason. Better for me!

    My first Phalanx units are rolling AND HERE COMES SULEIMAN WITH 5 CITIES DECLARING WAR AT ME! What the actual **** Suleiman, cant you see that one if your bordering cities has 3 units to defend it and my unique unit is in this era? I bring some of my units in said city, bring its defenses at 0 with 3 catapults and defend my other bordering city with 10(!) longbowmen, the most advanced 'ranged' unit I had. Now, if I want to attack the city I mentioned I have to sacrifice some troops, so I figure i'll sacrifice the catapults. I do the collateral damage with all of them, then rush with my phalanx units (1-2 get killed) then raze his ****ing city hoping to teach him a lesson.

    Here comes the part that made me lose my ****. I have to churn out troops and throw them at Suleiman's seemingly infinite stacks that he's throwing at me. Stack 1 has 10 units. Gets defeated. I let my troops heal for a while before launching another offensive AND ANOTHER STACK APPEARS! Again, I have to sacrifice troops to get it, then wait to replenish & heal my army, but then a new stack appears!
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    Hi man !

    Try to read this:

    Give Ci4 a chance, it's a very, very good game (im my opinion, better than Civ V and VI), specially with its Beyond the Sword expansion
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