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Why is CIV IV regarded as one of the best, or even the best, game in the series?

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  • Why is CIV IV regarded as one of the best, or even the best, game in the series?

    There is a lot of nostalgia for earlier versions of Civ, especially from those people who’ve played each version since they’ve been released. My personal favourite was Civ 2 - it was the one I found had the right level of complexity for me, while still being simple enough to keep a game plan in your head and execute it.

    Now I much prefer Civ V to Civ IV because I never really liked the ‘stack O’Doom’ approach to combat, and also in Civ V they really got on to tailoring specific Civs to specific victory conditions. A lot of people don’t like that, as they feel it removes choice from playing a Civ how you want to. I can see that reasoning and while I’m sympathetic to that view point, I prefer knowing if I’m French I’m going to be a cultural Civ, or if I was the Iroquois then I’d be a production powerhouse. It works better for me personally.

    That said the AI in Civ IV was probably the best I’ve encountered. Like it or not, the AI in Civ V Never got to grips with 1UpT and had no idea how to operate a navy. It was too easy to cheese a larger, more powerful Civ into wasting its units and then taking them out

    So a lot of it comes down to the people playing it I think. I would also say that while I prefer Civ V for my personal preferences, I suspect Civ IV probably is the better game, and the best so far in the series. I’ve only played Civ VI for about 30 hours. I liked it a lot but for whatever reason it hasn’t quite clicked with me.

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    I always thought the longhouse was pretty weak. You need maximum forest coverage for it to compare to the workshop which means low food since forest tiles only yield one food base. Each citizen working a forest tile loses 1 food so for every 1-food forest, you need to work a 3-food tile just to break even.

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      It's a towering achievement, even for a series as revered as this one FaceTime.