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Civilization IV: A New Dawn, now in 23 different languages!

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  • Civilization IV: A New Dawn, now in 23 different languages!

    Hello Apolyton Civ IV's fans!

    As a developer of the mod Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn, i've recently worked hard to bring the support for new languages (40+) to one of best mods ever made for this game! The mod is now playable out-of-the-box in languages like Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian, Russian, Czech, Greek, etc. You just need an European/US version of the game and enjoy!

    We have a website introducing all our features (translated in 9 languages).

    Thanks to a new technology, it is easier than ever to translate Civ IV. We are now using a translation platform and have gathered more than 140 translators on 23 different languages! Just connect on and start translating
    If you ever wanted to play Civ IV in your mother tongue, that may be a good opportunity to perfect your english and to help our team The more we are, the faster and better the work will be!

    I really hope the Civ community will find any interest in this. We want it to be the most reliable, polished, translated expansion pack ever made for Civ IV

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    Great work!
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      Believe it or not we have started an Mp game (Space Adventure) based on mod version 1.75c. over at civ fanatics.
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