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Hi want to use forum for help

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  • Hi want to use forum for help

    Whatsup everyone. I wanted to post an introduction but can't find the section. Also, I wanted to throw up a save game for advice but don't know how to. Came to this forum after google'ing "why do I suck at civ4," and found Hauptman's very helpful response....

    http: (not letting me link this)

    Had an on again off again love affair with this game (bts) for a few years now but this noble difficulty is really raising my blood pressure. I try to play with Roosevelt (despite my personal misgivings about the man) because he seems to synergize well with what I know. Also had good success with Bismarck. Btw am I crazy or do I notice a heavy left handed tilt to this game? Anyway, any help would be appreciated. Feel free to pm me because I can't pm anyone. Can't even leave visitor messages yet. Hauptman, your little strategy guide helped me a ways but I'm pretty sure it po'd the AI because now the whole world is at war with me unprovoked.

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    Me also new here and looking for introduction thread but not find yet anyways i just want to be a part of this forum.