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Is there a fix for the 'TXT_KEY' error yet?

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  • Is there a fix for the 'TXT_KEY' error yet?

    If you don't know what this error is, please see this link:

    I have found no solution for this. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 4 times. I have deleted every possible reference to game between those installations.

    I have heard that it is a glitch with Windows 7 64 bit (which I have), but I have seen no confirmation of that.

    Help would greatly appreciated, as it effectively makes Civ 4 unplayable.

    Thank you.

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    Maybe this thread about TXT_KEY-errors contains some helpful information.

    Civ2 military advisor: "No complaints, Sir!"


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      I did see that, yes. Thank you. Unfortunately, it doesn't really have much advice beyond reinstalling, which I did. I ran the reinstalled version both unpateched and patched, and still got this TXT-KEY error.

      Any other ideas?


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        Me too facing the problem, plz help