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  • Wolfshanze's Mod. units suggestions


    Is it possible to include the following units, buildings and concepts into the next updated version of Wolfshanze's Mod.?

    1. Satellite unit once satellite technology is developed for enemy territory reconnaissance.
    2. Submarine construction yard to construct submarines.
    3. Armor factories to construct armor units.
    4. Reduce the size (dimensions) of ground units to be close to the dimension of the cities; but, not too small as not to be observed. Leave the naval and air units as they are.
    5. Could the Mechanized Infantry unit or Bradley’s color be changed from gold to desert sand of camouflaged?
    6. Radar Artillery designed for each particular civilization. For example, United States radar artillery named Multiple Launch Rocket System or MLRS.
    7. Global Warming Indicator somewhere on the main game screen.
    8. Glad you added Cleopatra, but please make unique imagery instead of Hathshepsut edit.
    9. Please bring Charlemagne back.
    10. Japanese Bomber could use a little work (detail is blurry).

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,


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    Hi SSBN, welcome to Apolyton, but I think you'll get more response about questions about mods if their placed into the Civ 4 Creation forum.
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