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Disappearing mouse pointer/cursor in Vista high DPI

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  • Disappearing mouse pointer/cursor in Vista high DPI

    I recently installed Civ4 BTS on a Win7 (it's the same as Vista) machine.
    I am using a 37'' LCD TV as my display and I have set the DPI setting to 192 DPI instead of the default 96 DPI.

    The problem is that in Civ the mouse pointer is not visible. The mouse is working correctly (I can click on things, etc.) but since I can not see where it is positioned at the moment it is unplayable.

    On normal DPI or windowed mode the game runs normally (the mouse pointer is visible).

    Does anybody have a clue how to fix this? I have messed around with computability settings and tried changing the Civ4 cursors to some of the default windows cursors but nothing helped.
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    Not sure how to solve this but it would be cool to play CIV on a screen that big!
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      37" at 192 DPI? What resolution is that?! 6000*3840?!


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        The resolution is 1920x1080.

        It seems counterintuitive but the standart size for windows fonts, etc. is 96 DPI and 192 DPI makes fonts, etc. twice as big, not twice smaller.

        My problem with civ has something to do with the way that civ draws the cursor in full screen mode. At 192 dpi the cursor becomes too big and is not shown. I can't figure out how can I fix this. If I play with slightly smaller DPI (like 144DPI which is 50% bigger than standard) I can see the cursor and eveything is OK.
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