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Espionage - the AI is cheating

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    The best way to avoid all this of course... is play nice with your neighbors, or utterly destroy and/or vassalize them.

    If you dont share a landmass with anyone you'll likely never see a single enemy spy...

    But of course, yes on emporer the AIs will get bonuses to chance of success and espionage mission cost. Thats what makes the game harder.

    There is also a way to see spies, if you are really curious open up the world builder and look through all the units. especially if perhaps you save the game a turn before you have multiple attacks. Look and see whom they belong too. Also you could just simply watch their esp points and see whos dropped.

    again, the only surefire way to stop it is stay friendly (perhaps pleased is enough) or make them your vassels much earlier in the game. Even if you had only vassalized Saladin, Surry's spies would have likely attacked him instead of you. I often keep vassels seperating me from the rest of the world for this very reason.

    Edit add: Also you should remeber subs can carry spies, and you cannot see a sub without the correct counter unit in the area.
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