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Thomas' War Problem (+ minor general Civ problem)

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  • Thomas' War Problem (+ minor general Civ problem)

    Hi all, forgive me for wasting forum space with what may be quite a simple-to-solve problem, but I was hoping someone could help me work out how to get interface to show on Thomas' War, it doesnt appear to load for me, I just get the map without any tabs or anything...

    Also, i managed a little bit of exploration despite this problem, I noticed that the island i was on was both quite small and very geometric. In fact from all screenshots of the mod it appears like that. Why is this? Is there any way to get a more arbitrary continent form, with a bit more space? To be honest, even in Civ the "terra" maps dont seem very earthlike to me, its more like they've compiled two africas and not a lot else.... "fractal" seems to be the only one I can get that seems more realisitic, and even then sometimes you get an absurd amount of small islands at times... Whats the best map set up for an idiosyncratic, yet reliable, map that somewhat resembles the features and ratios of earth?

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        Careful with tectonics. The two map sets that ostensibly represent the earth both start all civs in the old world. Note, while not exact, the general outlines and shorelines are very earth like to include all 6 continents not buried in ice.
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