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Internet Games on Civilization IV?

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  • Internet Games on Civilization IV?

    I want to play Civilization IV online through an internet connection but whenever i join a game it either cannot connect or wen i do all my opponents are AI instead of real players. I tried but it's not listed.

    NetGear WGR614v6 54mbps

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    Welcome MRavioli. This thread probably would get better response in the MP forum, where the MP players are. I myself don't play MP. However, I remember from the one time I tried with a friend, that the firewall often makes trouble. Are you sure it is correctly set? When you install the game, you set the game on XP's firewall's allowed list, but it doesn't always work 100% without further tweaking I'm afraid. I myself had to switch to another firewall and disable XP's.
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