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Does this game work out off the box

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    no problem on my laptop:

    acer aspire 1692 wmli:
    OS = Windows XP Home Edition (Service Pack 2)
    Vendor = GenuineIntel
    Model = Unknown
    CPU Speed = 1729 MHZ
    Total Memory = 1022 megs
    MMX = YES
    SSE = YES
    SSE2 = YES
    3DNOW = NO
    Display Adapter = ATI MOBILITY RADEON X700
    Sound Device = Conexant AMC Audio
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      Some videos aren't working on my system plus I'm getting some graphical glitches - so I voted for "not working out of the box" - although in terms of the rudimentary gameplay (i.e. minus the graphics), everthing SEEMS to be okay...


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        That's the problem with an imprecise poll. I'd say that "not working out of the box" meant that the game was unplayable, ie complete black terrain or ctds constantly or regularly, say every 30 minutes or less, not minor graphical glitches.

        The poll should be:

        1. Works as advertised
        2. Runs with minor graphical issues
        3. Playable only after following forum suggestions
        4. Unplayable due to graphics or other yet unknown/unresolvable issues.

        That would be a much more informative poll, imho. Oh well, whatever


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          My freind and I both bought this game for our 3.5ghz+ machines, and it didnt work at all for either of us


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            Yes, and I have an ATI card.


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              The closest poll choice for me
              would be a frustrating #3.

              #3b. Playable only after reducing graphics (idea may have been from forums).

              Basically, yes it was crashing every 2-5 turns. But I DO have a very crappy system.

              900 MHz Athlon
              512 MB ram
              Geforce 4 Ti - ????

              I had to reduce rez to lowest (1024x768), and turn graphics quality to low. The nice soundtrack during the classical era sort of compensates for the crappy graphics.

              Now I can play around 45 minutes or more before system reboot.

              I know. I need a better system. However, from reading the posts, I seem to be sharing the same problem with people with decent systems as well.


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                Didn't work out of the box .. well, it did in the sense that it installed and ran fine, but whenever I get to about 1200AD the save game (autosave and quicksave) bomb me out to desktop and leave the savegame header (without data).

                Ive got 768Mb of Ram, but I did notice that the turn which crashes it chews all my memory up .. so I suspect there is a memory leak there which the save game is unable to handle.

                If I re-load at the previously good autosave, and get back to the turn before it crashes, and just hit Next Turn without making any moves.. there is no memory loss and no crash in save, that is until I move something.

                I tried putting logging on, but nothing untoward was logged.

                I have a P4, 2Ghz 768Mb of Ram, Radeon9000 ATI 128Mb gcard.

                Whats odd is, ive yet to read of anybody having the same problem.... ??
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                  I've played 2 complete games, and 2 partials so far. Actually 3 partials including the tutorial.

                  The only issues I'm having are sound issues. I didn't actually have any sound issues as the americans. But playing as the british, when I activate units, I can't hardly hear their voice. It's all muddled. And then I get some weird clicks sometimes. And then sometimes Nimoy's voice is all garbled on some of the techs.

                  And my current game as the French, I can't hear any unit activation voices.

                  I wonder if it's my sound setup. I have it on eax3, but maybe I should try 5.1.

                  I'm running an Athalon 2600 +, Radeon 9600 XT video card, 512 megs of RAM, and an Audigy 2 ZS sound card.


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                    Game has never crashed or slowed down for me. I have an HP desktop; Pent. 4 3.4Ghz; 1024 RAM; XP with SP 2; ATI Radeon x 300 128mb video card (I know cheap card and game still works great with all settings on high!!!)


                    • Someone on another forum stated to use the 4.12 Catalyst drivers for an ATI card, and then some people reported then that now the game works, although not perhaps all the way, but all the crashes they were repeatedly having stayed away for longer periods of time. Some may have reported that the game was playing fine then!

                      I do not know, since I do not have an ATI card!

                      But that seems to be happening until a patch probably comes out.


                      • I have an ATI card (see above), the game has not crashed once on me. I mentioned this before, but I recently reformatted my hard drive. So I'm still using my original video card drivers. I figure if it works, don't mess with it.

                        here's my driver version: These are 2003 drivers.


                        • The game need some work for ATI, but it needs a little more performance optimization. It's still a little slow, even on higher end machines.
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                          Check it out over at, under the Creation Forum.


                          • If the issues are not addressed and repaired by the vendor then it will be a historic day for me.

                            It will be the last time I ever ever ever buy another computer game again because it will be clear that the PC gaming industry is dead. For that matter what's the use in getting a high tech PC as well. If publishers are going to continually release gaming software unfinished and then not support them all in the interest of a quick buck then count me out.

                            Note: I've been a computer gamer for over 13 years and have never had so many problems with products out of the box than I have had in the past year with PC games. If this trend doesn't correct itself the system will have to be reset ala the consumer refusing to buy computer games and ultimately gaming rigs.

                            Console gaming is looking more attractive now then it ever did....
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                            • Originally posted by EPhillips
                              My freind and I both bought this game for our 3.5ghz+ machines, and it didnt work at all for either of us
                              That's not enough for us to tell anything by.


                              • Same here. Photoshop, Thumbplus, Eudora, MSN and IE minimized. And my McAfee warned me about an upgrade. Well, I didn't ).
                                No problem, except the (not so) stupid AI beating me.

                                My computer is a little above desirable requirements.
                                RIAA sucks
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