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How to lengthen Civ IV games?

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  • How to lengthen Civ IV games?

    Hey everyone,
    I always play on marathon because I like long games, but despite that, I tend to still advance through the tech tree relatively fast, so I’m not able to use units as they quickly replaced with their more advanced counterparts sell your phone. I think this kind of takes the fun out of things as a lot of units just don’t get a spot in the limelight. Is there anyway of making the game longer, longer than it is on marathon, so I’m able to play much longer games?
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    Turn off "tech trading" and "tech brokering" as this normally slows technological advancement but there are two potential problems.
    1. If an AI gets big fast it may advance rapidly anyway.
    2. If you fall behind on tech you can not tech trade your way out of trouble.

    You can try playing with the maximum number of opponents to keep them smaller thus crimping their research. That can work with tech trading and brokering turned off. You will need to play a violent game to expand beyond a half dozen cities.


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      Or you could try to add the Realism: Invictus mod ver 3.5 and choose Tech Transfer and not Tech Trading (as mentioned above) when you setup your map.
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