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  • Map Generation: HELP!

    Does anybody know where I can find something on how to make a map script? Perferrably (But doesn't have to be) a lesson on things that can make an Earth-Like Continent. Thanks.

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    Did you look on CivFanatics?


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      Yes. Besides, the CivFanatics hate me!


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        There was a guide by Sirian but mostly on how to tweak maps.
        Did you manage to do something or get started?
        An Earth-like continent doesn't mean much since Earth is not a continent. If you mean a continent that would look like a continent of Earth, then you'd have to provide details.
        My tectonics map script is aimed to do something like that (mostly mountains mostly near the coasts unless 2 land tectonic plates collide). PerfectWorld also creates good looking continents, with great elevation maps.
        Most of the work must be done in a generatePlotTypes method.
        The algorithm you pick to create the landmasses is yours to choice. The default algorithms are fractal, which I think are bad and slow. I use Voronoi diagrams to seed tectonic plates and then change the altitude by ramming them into each other. Perfectworld used elevation differences rather than straight heightmap to determine terrain type...
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          I have a small knowledge about this script MapScript module is a PHP dynamically loadable module that makes MapServer's MapScript functions and classes available in a PHP environment. More info please visit:


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            There's a iColonyMaintenancePercent setting in both CIV4HandicapInfo.xml and CIV4WorldInfo.xml (in Assets/XML/GameInfo). If you set either to zero you get no colony maintenance.

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