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Help with SMAC/X Social Engineering for Civ4?

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  • Help with SMAC/X Social Engineering for Civ4?

    I would like to try replacing the Civ4 Civics and trait mechanics with a SMAC/X Social Engineering system--either entirely or partially.

    Even though the Civics system mimics Social Engineering in most gameplay aspects, I feel that the dynamics and simple consistency in the ten-or-so Social Engineering parameters emphasize the SMAC/X ideology approach to civilizations (factions) and bear a major impact on immersion.

    (The trait system may be reworked to account for SMAC/X-like faction adjustments: Robust, immunity, free buildings, free technologies, etc.)


    From what I am able to understand currently, an implementation of Social Engineering requires SDK and/or python modifications (with corresponding xml changes, of course). I cannot do any SDK modifications, but with a bit of initial help I believe I can work the python code--should python be a viable approach.

    I am not entirely sure how the end result should work, but an example could be Planet rating:

    This parameter adjusts city health using incremental parameter modifiers ranging from -9 to +9; each value may correspond directly with +/- health adjustments (e.g. +2 Planet rating confers a +2 health bonus). The modifiers are global, but I would like to see the option to have local variations. For example, a Tree Farm facility (building) may add +1 Planet rating to the city (locally).


    I am looking for help on two aspects: Coding and design. On design, I am asking for help on how to best implement the Social Engineering system and suggestions on how to best adapt the system to Civ4 gameplay mechanics. Coding, I should think, depends on the design.


    Tentatively, it may be viable to tie Social Engineering parameter values to cities. Perhaps a free, unique building for each leader or civilization is required. This building would confer the dynamic Social Engineering values to the city. As a slightly misleading example, a SMAC/X Peacekeeper faction would have a free "U.N. Administration" building in each city giving +1 happiness and -10% commerce by default (ideally, this is determined by the Peacekeeper's default Social Engineering values). Should the Peacekeepers adopt a research boosting "Social Engineering" option (Civic), the Administration building would confer, for example, +20% research to the city.

    For Social Engineering options like MORALE, this approach may not be entirely viable. Instead some kind of global adjustment is needed. For example, a morale boosting "Social Engineering" option (Civic) would confer +5 experience to newly built units--or perhaps better: 1 or 2 free +10% combat strength promotions to all units (true Social Engineering dynamics); conversely, a negative morale would remove +10% combat strength promotions.

    Here's a sample template for simple Social Engineering parameters:

    These are city based (local) and confer a simple adjustment to the city parameters (commerce, hammers, happiness, etc.).

    The RESEARCH, INDUSTRY, and ECONOMY Social Engineering parameters represent +research, +hammers, and +commerce respectively. Each have incremental values ranging from -9 to +9 adjusting city values as per this table:
    SE value-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-10+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9
    City value-90%-80%-70%-60%-50%-40%-30%-20%-10%none+10%+20%+30%+40%+50%+60%+70%+80%+90%
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