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  • Civ4 Terrain Interface

    Been a while since I touched Civ, but yesterday I had a go at Beyond the Sword, and I must say a lot has changed since Civ4. I really like the events, I prefer realistic challenges, I like to stir things up - sometimes its for the good, sometimes its bad.

    Anyway, one thing I noticed (and dislike) is the graphical interface. The cities, units, resources, improvements, terrain, everything, are all hard to see, so it is difficult to keep track of what is going on.

    I remember in Civ2 and 3, I would purposely manually irrigate, road and mine everything myself, not just because the AI couldn't do it, but so that I knew what was going on.

    In Civ4 I purposely automate my workers because the job looks too tedious and/or complicated.

    I think the engine is fine, I think the art direction just needs to be adjusted and I would like to have a go at it.

    One thing I REALLY hate is the cluttering of towns and villages that spread throughout your land over the course of time. There is just too much clutter of everything on the map, and I am sure Firaxis are aware of it and are not quite sure how to fix it.

    Any thoughts?
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    I am currently at work, could someone quickly create a 800x600 map of just land and water, no trees, no resources, nothing, and post it on this thread so I can download it.

    I just want a reasonable size of land, plains, grassland, desert and some ocean.

    With this I am going to experiment some new looks to try and clean it up.

    Please make the map isometric.
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