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How to actually make a mod

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  • How to actually make a mod

    Here is a great set of post from Kael (Fall from Heaven I and II) over at CFC that goes through the process of actually starting to make a mod.

    Quoting from the post:
    This is the beginning of the MSMD series. What I hope is a helpful demo of common easy steps to create a Civ4 mod. The audience I am aiming for are all those who would like to make a mod but believe it is to technically challenging. By viewing the steps to do it I am hoping that people realize that it really only takes a few minutes to make a simple mod (and from there they can tweak to their delight).

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    That guy has to much free time.


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      Originally posted by Murg
      That guy has too much free time.
      Corrected (grammatically anyway).
      I don't know why he saved my life. Maybe in those last moments he loved life more than he ever had before. Not just his life - anybody's life, my life. All he'd wanted were the same answers the rest of us want. Where did I come from? Where am I going? How long have I got? All I could do was sit there and watch him die.


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        Thank you!
        Article99(ORG)! Hello friends!