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    Patch a for Planetfall version 3 is ready. Download link:
    Contraria sunt Complementa. -- Niels Bohr
    Mods: SMAniaC (SMAC) & Planetfall (Civ4)


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      Patch b for Planetfall version 3 is ready. Download link:

      Version 3 Patch b:

      1. Chopping Forests only provides 10 minerals.
      2. Forest can be planted.
      3. Gold and Silver can be connected to the trade network.
      4. It's possible to trade over Coast and Ocean with Doctrine: Initiative and Ocean Colonization.
      5. Fort provides 3 nutrients. Let's assume it comes coupled with a Greenhouse to survive long sieges. Build time increased to ten turns.
      6. Archeological Dig and Genetics Lab removed. The Field Lab can now connect Monoliths, Artifacts, Rare DNA and Uranium to the trade network provided the required TechCityTrade is researched.
      7. Planet Buster added - just a nuke with a bigger effect.
      8. ECM, Nanometal Armour and Photon Wall special abilities added which provide a +25% combat bonus against respectively Missile, Kinetic and Beam weapons.
      9. Silksteel Armour special ability added which heals the unit 10% per turn.
      10. Wild native life gets a combat bonus equal to 50% of the Flowering Counter.
      11. Flanking promotions re-added.
      12. Unity Foil now only has two movement points and one cargo space.
      13. Activated previously made unit models (which I didn't know yet how to do when they were made). Updated former and CP graphics.
      14. New DLL, enabling stuff mentioned above. Haven't got a complete overview.
      Contraria sunt Complementa. -- Niels Bohr
      Mods: SMAniaC (SMAC) & Planetfall (Civ4)


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        Patch 3d for Planetfall is now available for download.

        A not all-inclusive changelog:

        Version 3 Patch d:

        1. New gamefont.tga with nutrient/mineral/energy icons.
        2. Extra foil movement with Nanoconstruction fixed.
        3. Great Doctor specialists now gives +2 Nutrients, +2 Health and +1 Science.
        4. Tech level one buildings cost decreased to 40 Minerals.
        5. Rec Commons, Rejuvenation Tanks and Hologram Theatre now provide +2 Happy. Please suggest additional sources of happiness for Planetfall.
        6. Nerve Staplers Special Ability added. No matter what civic you're running, it gives +1 Happy for the first unit with this special ability stationed in a base. Under Police State, each Nerve Stapler provides +1 Happy.
        7. Under Police State, the Command Center provides +1 Happy.
        8. Planned now gives +10% Minerals in all Bases, +25 Minerals and +35% Energy to the Headquarters.
        9. Power becomes available with Cloning. It allows unit conscription. Though completely unprofitable right now, as you can only get Gun Infantry.
        10. Rare Desert DNA, Brown/Cyan/Green/Red Algae, Grenade Fruits, Fungal Gin, Ski Vacation and Geothermal Spa resources added.
        11. Terrain/Improvement/Feature yields have been given a complete overhaul. Instead of listing the changes, I'd suggest to look at it as something entirely new. It's now closer to default Civ4 though, so it should be familiar.
        12. Three Ecology Civics added. Unfortunately many things don't show up on the civics screen. Therefore: Fungus produces +1 mineral under Hybrid Ecology. Under Enclosed Biosphere a whole bunch of terrain improvements and features produce one less food. I'd prefer it to be "-1 food on all Flat Moist & Rainy terrain", but that's not possible currently. Also features don't produce negative health. Lastly you can't plant features, nor build farms or condensers.

        Planetfall is brought to you by:

        Don't forget that we're always looking for help with Planetfall.

        The mod could for instance at this point very much use:
        • SDKers
        • a graphics coordinator who understands how Afterworld unit graphics work
        • a mapscripter
        Contraria sunt Complementa. -- Niels Bohr
        Mods: SMAniaC (SMAC) & Planetfall (Civ4)


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          Version 3 Patch e

          1. Roads now take 2.6 turns to build.
          2. Monolith gives +1 energy.
          3. Free Trade civic gives +1 science per specialist.
          4. Doctor specialist GPP gives Great Doctor...
          5. Some malfunctional python code fixed.
          6. Temporary: all infantry can provide military happiness.
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          Contraria sunt Complementa. -- Niels Bohr
          Mods: SMAniaC (SMAC) & Planetfall (Civ4)


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            I have to install Civ4 and buy Beyond the Sword. I thought this idea was dead! Keep this stuff up!
            What do I care about your suffering? Pain, even agony, is no more than information before the senses, data fed to the computer of the mind. The lesson is simple: you have received the information, now act on it. Take control of the input and you shall become master of the output.


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              Version 3 Patch f

              Version 3 Patch f:

              1. Upgrading costs 2 credits per mineral.
              2. Helium gives +1 energy.
              3. Centauri Preserve can connect Monolith resource.
              4. Roads only give a movement bonus with Reconnaissance researched. Mass Driver increases it to 1/3. Mag Tube requires Gravitonics and Rubidium resource.
              5. Hydro Plant gives +1 health and no longer +2 energy.
              6. Command Center now gives +2 XP for land units but reduces military production by 10% (also for land).
              7. Energy Nexus becomes Factional Project/National Wonder.
              8. Native life units can be produced with nutrients (like colony pods and formers).
              9. Units automatically gain morale promotions (disciplined, hardened...) upon levelling up, starting from level 3.
              10. Readded some default Civ4 promotions.
              11. Some promotions require the Combat promotion. This promotion can be gained through winning a battle, being Spartan, or building the unit in a base with a Virtual World.
              12. Cruiser requires Naval Yard to be buildable. Naval Yard no longer gives XP, but it does give a trade route.
              13. Changed base defense bonus through culture.
              14. New happiness resource added: Resonance Cluster.
              15. Iridium and Rubidium resources added.
              16. Antimatter Reactor and Singularity Reactor base facilities added.
              17. Planet Buster requires Antimatter Reactor and Iridium.
              18. Fungal Tower spawns more often.
              19. Added some unit construction sounds.
              20. Command Nexus secret project added.
              21. Treaded chassis now requires Industrial Base.
              22. Missile weapons give -1 movement point to the unit.
              23. Tech tree changes
              24. Forest provides no energy (only a mineral) and takes somewhat less time to build.
              25. Religions added.
              26. Uranium/Helium/Rubidium boost some units' production speed.
              27. Temporary: Needlejets removed as they're causing crashes
              Contraria sunt Complementa. -- Niels Bohr
              Mods: SMAniaC (SMAC) & Planetfall (Civ4)


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                What sort of help do you need with this? I thought that this project was dead too and I've actually been playing Alpha Centauri quite a bit lately. I'd love to help resurrect it in the Civ 4 world if possible!

                One quick thing to mention though, I am not able to access the screen images... I get this error: "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ',' in /home/apolyton/public_html/upload/view.php on line 184" I'm not sure if this is a problem here or on the site or if the images just no longer exist on Apolyton's server.
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                  The earlier C4:AC is dead. Or at least mostly. I believe Rubin is currently making his own SMAC mod and uses the C4:AC title.

                  Planetfall is a different project, taking more liberties with changed gameplay than C4AC intended to. But the goal is of course still to maintain the SMAC atmosphere and story we all love.

                  The mod could at this point very much use:
                  • SDKers
                  • a graphics coordinator
                  • a mapscripter

                  The images in the first post are working for me. Wouldn't know what your problem could be.
                  Can you download the mod and patch? (I can.)
                  Contraria sunt Complementa. -- Niels Bohr
                  Mods: SMAniaC (SMAC) & Planetfall (Civ4)


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                    Planetfall v4

                    I'd suggest first deleting the version 3 Planetfall folder before installing this one.


                    1. Perimeter Defense and Tachyon Field give +1 culture.
                    2. Automatic morale promotions scrapped again. Can be gotten through XP. Most promotions give +10% psi strength.
                    3. Faction leaders given a favourite civic.
                    4. Can't run the Terraformed Ecology civic under the Voice of Planet religion.
                    5. Under the Hybrid Ecology civic, Biology Labs are not required to produce native life units.
                    6. Great Doctor starts with Medic I & II promotions.
                    7. Organic Fuels allows irrigation to spread.
                    8. Environmental Economics increases minerals from chopping.
                    9. Bioadaptive Resonance increases Greenhouse yield with +1 energy instead of +1 nutrient.
                    10. Police State enabled by Factionalism.
                    11. Cooperative Economy civic removed. Autarky now reduces distance maintenance and is enabled by Environmental Economics.
                    12. New Values Civic added: Empathy.
                    13. Religious victory added.
                    14. Nuclear Missile removed.
                    15. Hive starts with Ultraponics instead of Defense Logistics.
                    16. Spore Launcher and Fungal Tower now should do ranged strikes.
                    17. Two soundtracks by The_Reckoning added.
                    18. Civic buttons by Rubin added.
                    19. Choppers and gravships can't capture bases.
                    20. Chopper can't reveal map.
                    21. Ascetic Virtues religion added.
                    22. Changes to naval unit movement speed.
                    23. Navigation promotions re-added.
                    24. Aerospace Complex increases Fort yield.
                    25. Planetary Council added.
                    26. Gatling Laser now strength 4.
                    27. Tech tree changes
                    28. Tech costs increased.
                    Last edited by Maniac; April 6, 2008, 22:54.
                    Contraria sunt Complementa. -- Niels Bohr
                    Mods: SMAniaC (SMAC) & Planetfall (Civ4)


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                      It's been a long time since I've logged in my 'poly account; but today, after a game of CIV 4, I remembered that there was this project to do a SMAC mod for it.

                      After reading about its death ( ) I bumped into this and...well, gotta buy the expansion in order to install this! I'll look it up tommorrow

                      Keep up the good work!

                      "Too much ambition is a sin...only if you fail"
                      Yoritomo Kumiko


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                        Great project!
                        Modern man calls walking more quickly in the same direction down the same road “change.”
                        The world, in the last three hundred years, has not changed except in that sense.
                        The simple suggestion of a true change scandalizes and terrifies modern man. -Nicolás Gómez Dávila


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                          Planetfall Version 4 Patch a


                          1. Nuclear Plant no longer requires Uranium.
                          2. Command Center no longer gives +1 Happy with Police State.
                          3. Unit production bonus for having a certain resource reduced.
                          4. Extra yield from building greenhouses, resorts and field labs on certain resources reduced.
                          5. The Accuracy promotion does not require the Combat promotion.
                          6. Nuclear Plant gives credits, not energy.
                          7. Rec Commons, Holo Theatre and Rejuve Tanks only give +1 happiness.
                          8. Punishment Sphere gives +1 happiness.
                          9. Boreholes produce one extra mineral on rocky terrain.
                          10. Sea Windmill only gives +1 energy at start. +1 energy with Kinematics.
                          11. Wealth now gives +100% trade yield.
                          12. Homo Superior now founded by Gene Splicing.
                          13. Barbarian spore launchers on a unity pod turn into fungal towers.
                          14. Democratic civic now requires Polymorphic Software.
                          15. Planned civic now requires Neural Grafting.
                          16. Dimensional Gate bonus doubles Dimensional Gate building production.
                          17. Military Academy re-added.
                          18. Chopper chassis starts with three movement points. Increased by two with Nanominiaturization.
                          19. Native Life starts with extra XP equal to the positive Planet value of the base that builds it. Maximum starting XP this way can't exceed 10.
                          20. Native Life automatically and gradually gains XP until it reaches 10 XP.
                          21. Native Life cost increased by 50%. Needs testing of course.
                          22. Hybrid Ecology tech removed.
                          23. Gold hurrying can be done for two gold per mineral.
                          24. The Nanites tech allows gold hurrying. (Hopefully temporary) this requires switching to the Nanites civic in the 'Temporary' category.
                          25. Forts are now units similar to Final Frontier starbases.
                          26. Spore Launchers can Evolve into Fungal Towers (a build order similar to the way forts are handled)
                          27. Overseas trade route modifier removed.
                          28. Solar Power Transmitter is now a unit which automatically gives the building of same name to the base its in.
                          29. White Pines council added. Membership through running the Hybrid Ecology civic. Ideas for better name appreciated.
                          30. Prototype/test victory added: if the Flowering Counter reaches 100, and you're part of the White Pines council, you win.
                          31. Non-state religions cause -1 happiness.
                          32. Some buildings allow an extra bonus when a specific religion is present.
                          33. Some civics give extra happiness to the religious buildings mentioned in the previous point.
                          34. Coast renamed to Shelf.
                          35. Trench water terrain type added. No fitting graphics yet though.
                          36. Sea Borehole terrain improvement added.
                          37. Submarines get a 25% combat bonus in trenches.
                          38. Foils get a 10% combat bonus in shelfs.
                          39. Resources have an inherent hap/health benefit. Let's see if this improves AI performance.
                          Last edited by Maniac; April 27, 2008, 19:34.
                          Contraria sunt Complementa. -- Niels Bohr
                          Mods: SMAniaC (SMAC) & Planetfall (Civ4)


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                            Very well done mod. Even tho it's a work in progress, it's still fun to play. Thanks!


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                              nice one i must try this out ... i miss smac/x... just happened to wander into this section today


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                                Will have to try out the new patch.
                                Modern man calls walking more quickly in the same direction down the same road “change.”
                                The world, in the last three hundred years, has not changed except in that sense.
                                The simple suggestion of a true change scandalizes and terrifies modern man. -Nicolás Gómez Dávila