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Newbie Questions on Modding

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  • Newbie Questions on Modding

    I'm interested in doing a fantasy mod. One idea was maybe have different civilizations based on different fantasy races. My first thought was a Vampire civilization. I wanted to create a unique unit which could have a couple abilities: It heals fully after defeating an enemy unit, and the unique unit could cause an enemy unit to join the side of the vampire civilization. I'm sure this is possible, but I have no idea where to start. Any help would be appreciated. Be as technical as you wish, I have sufficient programming expierence, but no mod expierence.
    EViiiiiiL!!! - Mermaid Man

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    This will help in adding new units:

    This will help in adding the new civ, though this guide is a bit complicated. If you wanted, you could just open the Civ XML file and re-name a civilization...So you can re-name the Romans the "Vampies", change their diplomacy text, city names, aggression levels, etc -- all without doing any hard work. Just look in your civilization XML files. If you want to get fancy and add in a brand new civ and not replace an existing civ, and if you want your own leader image, etc, this might be useful:

    This forum may be useful for your other questions. I'm not sure how to implement your specific goals though , sorry. Though they seem easy enough to do.


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      The actual switching of sides can be done through python. I'd suggest having a look at the python guide which is stickied in this forum, then if you've got further question I can help out.


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        Does Firaxis off any documentation on modding. Perhaps somthing I can download?
        EViiiiiiL!!! - Mermaid Man