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reducing gold received from failed wonder build

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  • reducing gold received from failed wonder build

    I asked on Civfanatics but didnt get a response so I guess it cant be done, but;
    does anyone know if it is possible to reduce the amount of gold received when another civ beats you to the completion of a wonder?

    It is probably just me, but I enjoy the careful management of the budget at the start of the game; keeping a reasonable science rate while keeping my gold balance at 20 to 30.

    Then all of a sudden I am beaten to The Pyramids and I receive around 350 gold! Heck! I know I should be pleased but its full science rate and I wonder what the point of all this budget managing stuff was? It swamps the 'reward' from religion gold. It could also be a bit of a cheesy tactic; if I don't wish to build another unit or building at a particular time, start building a wonder with the intention of not completing it in order to get the gold refund.

    Anyway, even if no-one else feels this way about the amount of gold received from a failed wonder build, could anyone direct me how to reduce it?