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[QUESTION]Why won't mods work on my computer?

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  • [QUESTION]Why won't mods work on my computer?


    I have recently downloaded several mods from both here and CivFanatics, followed instructions (extracting files into C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Mods) and loaded the particular mod via the Advanced-- Load Mod menu. The game restarts, displays the mod's name in the top right, and nothing happens.

    This does this for all mods, with 0 change from the actual game. I was wondering what the cause of this might be, and how to fix it.

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    a couple of things to try

    1) try putting them in the civ4custommods linked directory instead

    2) try enabling cheats in the civ4config
    ; Move along
    CheatCode = chipotle

    3) try setting the mod in your civ4config instead of loading it through the menus
    ; Specify a Mod folder (Mods\Mesopotamia), '0' for none
    Mod = Mods\Surt

    4) try clearing your xml cache (hold down shift during load, or set the following in your civ4config)
    ; Disable caching of file system (may slow initialization)
    DisableFileCaching = 1

    ; Disable caching of xml and file system (may slow initialization)
    DisableCaching = 1

    Please post which one works for you, if any.
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      None of these seem to work for me, #3 loads the mod, but I have the same results as normal. With #2, how do I access the cheat screen after enabling it?


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        shift-~ to access the console

        I'm unsure what else to suggest to make mods work. If it is showing up in the upper right hand corner of the screen, I'd have to assume that means some kind of problem with the xml cache. Have you updated to 1.52?
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          one more thing to verify

          try putting this mod in your custommods directory.
          When you've done so you should have a directory structure that looks like:


          Then set BigMaps as your mod in your civ4config, start the game, play a custom/continents game on duel. Enter the worldbuilder (esc - worldbuilder). Check the size of the map by counting tiles: should be 44x44 if the mod is working.
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            Yes, I am on 1.52. I will try your mod soon to see if it works.


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              Another way to clear the cache is to hold down shift while Civ 4 loads.


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                ran the mod to no apparent use, I got 44x22 I believe, if I counted correctly, and even if I didn't, theres no way vertically it could have been 44 instead of 22. I'm not that dense.

                I'm vexed by this problem, it appears no one else has this...


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                  sorry that's all i can think of so far

                  That's everything i've heard anyone else use as a fix.

                  So just to be sure BigMaps does show up in your upper right corner? It really seems like it ought to be the case that if the title shows up there that the mod is loaded.

                  Out of curiosity, what OS are you running?

                  And finally, you might want to consider reinstalling / repatching (though that's a huge pain i know). A few people have posted around here that mysterious problems have gone away after doing this.
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                    I'm currently running XP although my comp does have a myriad of problems, most likely a virus. That may be it, but I don't think so, all the other mods load fine...

                    I guess I might try reinstalling if I get mad enough, but not right now. Thanks anyway.


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                      Think I figured it out. I tried all of the solutions offered here and they didnt work.

                      But then I realized I had the mods buried too far. When I extracted combined_mod17 and abbamouse16 they were put in a folds with their name. Inside abbamouse16 was another folder called abbamouse16 and a config file for abbamouse16. That second folder and the config file must sit in the MODS folder. if you have both the config file and the second folder in the first folder it will not work. iF that makes sense.


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                        indeed, that wouldn't work

                        The paths have to line up right, it has to be:

                        and definitely not

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                          YES! It works! Thank you so much! Doug, you too for trying. *Can't wait to start.*