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  • Wrong side of map

    Ok for starters I settled in South America playing the Large American Secenrio and this has been getting on my nerves, once I start doing alot of trade my gallons all 5 of them I keep going to unload goods from my one port backed up by 7 other cities, well those gallons start popping up at Alaska instead of where I sent them away at, near Brazil. So i get to sell stuff at half price because it takes 12 turns to get back to my port. Whats causing this. I dont want to go to Alaska and build a port then make an army of pioneers build a road and make a massive 30 turn wagon train, thats not fessable and worse than it is right now, because to keep goods flowing id need more than the 6 wagon trains i have going right now. Any advice on how to fix this annoyance?

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    When you send a ship back from Europe to the colonies, there are two arrows on the left of your ship. On arrows says something like "sail to the East of the map" and the other "sail to the West of the map". You probably clicked on the wrong arrow.

    I think the second arrow only appears once you actually discover the west side of the map...

    I know, because I had the same annoyance for a while...