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Colonization is good

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  • Colonization is good

    I am really liking this conversion to the CIV:IV engine! I never played the original Colonization, but I have played every iteration of Civ to date. Typically, I do not care for playing through isolated ages, and much prefer historical games that cover from ancient to future times.

    But for some reason Colonization works so well! And it works so well on the CIV:IV engine!

    I recieved it as a gift at a friend's wedding.

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    nice psot !!!


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      Sadly, I just couldn't get into Colonization. I prefer to play through the entire sweep of history. You really need to go into this game expecting a unique experience, and not expect it to be a Civ IV scenario mod.


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          Is that even legit?


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            Sadly, it's just advertising.