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  • Dawn of a New Era

    Welcome, I present you this mod that will change your game strategy and your interest to play with Civ4 Colonization too.
    You will be able to download here

    You can see in the spoiler all bigger changes of Dawn of a New Era!!!

    Auteurs : M07 (Concept & mod)
    Dazio (Concept & graphics)

    a/ Changes :

    x Eras :

    Integration of eras in the game changes weapons and military power of your units.
    Military units will automatically change their profession for the third era.
    Tutorial Eras

    x Colonial Foundation: The settlers and other units can not found cities. Only the "convoy builder" has that option (see below).

    x Ships and Crew:

    Ships was built in your dry-dock or shipyards must have a crew, without which they can not navigate.

    A ship's crew is a settler who must take the sailor profession. It can be embarked on the ship of your choice (caravel, privateer, frigate, galleon etc. ..) as crew. It can be loaded in a ship too.

    When you will get promotions after naval battles, this is not the ship that will get them but the crew. If the crew is embarked, the icon of promotion will appear by selecting the ship, but it's the sailor who will be promote.

    You can disembark when you want and embark on another ship. You can swap two crews when you will select two vessels. However, a ship with a new crew doesn't be able to move in the same turn.

    The ships purchased in Europe are always provided of crews.

    x Great General and Experience Points:

    When you allocate the "Great General" Now you can distribute experience points to your liking through a pop-up that give you the choice of your units. When all points are distributed, you can choose the unit that will benefit from the allocation of the Great General.

    x Abandoned Colony:

    An icon is now present to activate the abandonment of your colony. During this operation, all the settlers are expelled automatically.

    b/Add Units :

    x The "Builder Wagon" is the alone unit that will be able to found a colony.

    x Military surgeon : it heals your military units. This unit is only avaible in Europe when there are at least one hospital in your colonies.

    x Experienced Sailor: This is an elite unit when it is integrated on a ship as a crew.

    x Agronomist : He can sow all vegetable bonuses in the game (corn, tobacco, cotton, sugar). Condition : Condition: the soil must be appropriate to receive the bonus that was chosen. It is now available in Europe from if there are a college in one of your colonies.
    In addition, it can reforest (it can sow trees).
    Time to work : 2 turns to sow corn, tobacco, cotton or sugar. 5 turns to reforest if there is a light Forest otherwise 10 turns.

    x Military wagon train : it can transport units and general merchandise too. You will load them anywhere even outside of your colonies.

    x Scout : The "scout" is formed by the Indian tributes and it permit you to walk in enemy territories undetected except by his alter-ego or the Explorers. Can have the "Marauder"Profession.

    c/Add professions :

    x Military doctor : usefull to heal your military units. This profession is only avaible if you have a Medical office in one of your colonies. Only colonist units and military surgeon units will be able to choose this profession.

    Soldiers scalable - 4 new units,

    - Foot soldier with cutting weapon,
    - Foot soldier with musket,
    - Dragoon with cutting weapon,
    - Dragoon with musket.
    (classic units will appear in the third era)

    x Patriot : Available when the Palace of Congress was made. It will obtain directly some promotions.

    x Marauder: Only scout can have "marauder" profession, it needs 10 weapons. It will permit us to steal and to loot your ennemies without to declare war.

    x Sailor : A Free Colonist, an criminal or an experienced sailor can receive the sailor profession and then to be integrate on a ship as a crew.

    e/Changes units :

    x Engaged : Removed unit

    x The colonist or other units didn’t be able to found.

    x Criminal are cheaper in Europe,

    x Seasoned Explorer : it replaces scout (this is the same graphism). The explorers has their original price.

    x Now, the cannons cannot kill, they bomb the enemy units. But beware, if the difficulty level is high enough you will have to resupply your cannons so that they can again fight.
    In attack, directing the cannon toward the enemy, it will bombard ennemies without moving, and will reduce the power of units.

    x The converted Indians don't be able to become Patriots.

    f. Alteration of buildings:

    - Congress Palace : The foundation of this building will make many improvements for your civilization.

    - Medical Office : This building permitted to heal your military units in your colonies. It unlocks the Military doctor" profession too.

    - Hospital : This building unlocks the "Military Surgeon" unit to heal the military units. In addition, the more you will have some hospitals in yours cities, th more their ability to heal yours units will increase.
    Hospital Tutorial
    - Industrial Sawmill : Sawmill evolution, faster 50%.

    - Fortification: 4 evolutions (Chevaux-de-frise, Palisades, Fort, Forteresse)

    g/changes of buildings:

    x Hospital: Opening a window that enables care management and growth of each city.

    x The dry-dock allows the reduction of 50% of travel time for going to Europe.

    x The units prices in Europe decreases when the crosses increased
    it will increase of 1% every 20 crosses, up to will not be able to decreas more 10%

    x Warehouse: Storage capacity is increased
    Storage Base: 100
    Warehouse: 250 instead of 200,
    Extension of warehouse: 500 instead of 300.

    x Cigars, Rums and coats buildings are no longer present when you found a colony,

    You can only build two different structures (+ their upgrades) per colony.
    The cloth factory will always be present in each of your colony.
    However you need to choose between one of the other remaining (Cigars, Rum, or coats factory). Whatever the type that you will choose, the factory position on the screen of the colony will be the same.

    h/Add and modification of Promotions:
    - Change of promotions "Surgeon":
    . the military units can reach only promotion "1st Aids",
    . promotion "Surgeon II" become "Surgeon" is accessible only for the "Military Doctor",
    . promotion Chirurgien III become "Expert Surgeon" is accessible only for the " Military Surgeon",
    - "Minuteman" Change of promotions:
    . "Minuteman" name is now a specific and single promotion,
    . The old promotion is called "Garrison",

    - Specifics promotions for the cannons added.
    . A promotion "Bombardment Naval" is allowed for the cannons and permit to bombard the vessels near the coast..

    x promotions for Ship Crew:

    - Veteran naval: 1 to 6,
    - Naval Strategy: 1 to 3.

    i / Change Founding Fathers:

    - All free promotions, except "looter" are no longer given by the Founding Fathers.

    - The Founding Fathers provide some different rewards.

    - Pedro Alvarez Cabral doesn't permit the trip to -50% but it grants a caravel;

    - Founding Father Peter Minuit doesn't permit the 25% discount on purchases of units in Europe. It granted 25% discount on Indian lands.

    e/ Combats :

    - The result of the fighting is not visible on the power bar. No one knows the outcome of the battle at the end.

    f/Add Countries :

    - Portugal (tiré de Dales mod - Ages of Discovery)

    - Italy (Amerigo Vespucci, Christofo Colombo)

    Placement of departure is random and not defined by your position registration.

    Correction and amendment of the balance of power between all naval units.
    The ships of King again become more powerful.
    Speed merchant ships increased.

    The Europe access is farther from the coast. It is the Privateers dream!!

    Then some modifications,

    - Modification of the report of force between all the units in order to restore a certain coherence in the defeats and the victories of our soldiers.

    - the speed of all the ships is modified,

    - The Indians win money every turn, so trade is more interesting,

    - The number of turns to form a settler in schools is slightly higher but not increasing over time,

    Thanks for the help of Aymerick on adding of units and the conquistadors units of Deliverator too
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    Hi everyone,
    I present you version 1.31 of Dawn of a new era.
    Some changes have been made, such as management of the hospital or builder's wagon, for more info go to my site.
    Have fun with it! I hope you'll enjoy!
    Some small screenshots to eyes pleasure!

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      hi mousladi,
      I would prefer you like my mod . Welcome in this forum, I hope you will test DawnofanewEra!! Good Games!!


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        I present you DawnofaNewEra v1.32
        The game is now separate in three eras, in those eras, you will be able to have different profession and your power will evoluate.

        Now, the cannons cannot kill, they bomb the enemy units. But beware, if the difficulty level is high enough you will have to resupply your cannons so that they can again fight.

        To resupply your cannon:
        - if it was in one of your colonies and if you have any weapons in this city, you must to click on the button appropriate.
        - Otherwise , if you got a wagon train (or army) with some weapons in the same plot that your canon you will be able to resupply it too.

        More over, i did some changes about the agronomist, it can afforest!!

        I would like to know if there is some problems in this mod and if i have got big mistakes in all my translations.
        I hope you will write your reacts about this mod, i don't even know if you like it or not.
        Ty in advance for your answers
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          I like the ideas behind this mod, but could somebody please help with the grammar? I know that the author is trying his best, but addressing this issue would improve the quality of this mod immensely.
          Those who live by the sword...get shot by those who live by the gun.