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  • IGN: English faction profile
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    Sweet. Thanks for the heads-up!
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      Following on from last week's Dutch faction profile, IGN have today posted a full profile on the English faction!

      In 1066 AD, the Norman conqueror William crossed the English Channel, defeated the restored Wessex monarchy at the Battle of Hastings, and began nearly four hundred years of rule over England by kings of French lineage. This lineage, known as the Plantagenets, were descendents of the count of Anjou, a region in northern France. The Plantagenets eventually split into two other English Royal Houses, the House of Lancaster, which ruled England 1399 until 1471, and the House of York, who took control after the removal of the Lancesters and ruled until 1485.

      IGN have stated they will post the details of one faction a week in alphabetical order. The full article can be found here.