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It's not just a simple rehash...

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  • It's not just a simple rehash...

    On another forum (Paradox games), I was kind of annoyed of the constant *****ing about the game ''same old, same old but with new textures''.

    So I listed them, off the top of my head, the numerous changes brought forth by C4C.

    Well, I'm tired of re-saying this but there is some important changes introduced to the game. Of the top of my head :

    1-Military doesn't work the same way, units either win or get destroyed - to avoid the horse trick where people would rather produce food for horses than goods.

    2-The founding fathers now work more like CivIV's great People where you get them by your actions (if you are a trade-oriented player, than you'll get more trade oriented founding fathers) and they now total 52 (unlike the original 25). Besides, they are now more balanced out (who really cared about Juan de Sepulvada or Henry Hudson when you could get custom houses with Pieter Stuyvesant ?) and CAN'T BE SHARED with other nations.

    3-It now seems from a preview that your biggest colony will outgrow the original 9 squares of an original colony. In a preview, one said that they loaded a gamefile as the Spanish and they saw a big ass colony who had outgrown and had several colonies has suburbs whitch exploited ressources for the central colony.

    4-Diplomacy seems to have been expanded where alliances are fluid. The Indians now seem stronger than they were in the original - and you could be drawn in an inter-tribal war (like the French were against the Iroquois by the Algonquian-Huron alliance in the 17th Century) or in a colonial war against another power on the demands of your amerindian allies. Now, if I am right, two colonial powers can still conjointly attack Amerindian tribes. Diplomacy seems to have been expanded with other colonial powers and with your fatherland.

    5-Borders weren't present in the original and we all remember how painful it is to play and to constantly have to fight off the AI sleeping at your doors (at peace!) or not be able to be on same square as a peaceful other nation's unit. Not only this, but the AI is a 2008 one, not a 1994 one (if you ever saw another nation's colony, you knew the AI couldn't handle managing a colony properly and it relied heavily on cheating).

    6-When you declare independance, you will have to chose from a set numbers of civics that will affect the birth of your new country and its ongoing battle against the Fatherland. Will it be a constitutional republic or an absolute monarchy ? Will you enable or outlaw slavery ? Will you encourage manifest destiny moto or not ?

    7-There was a revision of the original buildings. Jesse Smith said the stable is gone, being replaced by a barn and now the school produces books (in what capacity I don't know). The training in Indian villages isn't indtant as it was, it will take turns.

    8-The leaders now have an effect on your gameplay (much like in Civ4). you either chose Champlain or Frontenac for the French, Stuyvesant or Van der Donck for the Dutch, etc... For the English, to show you the actual difference : George Washington (soldiers 50% cheaper to equip) or John Adams (+25% Liberty boost)...

    Is there any that I missed, can you expand that list ?
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    Umm...... a biggie that you seem to have missed: MODS!


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      We will just have to see.

      I must admit, that even though I am excited about this release, I am also a bit apprehensive. The basic gameplay doesn't seem to have changed much, and frankly, the basic gameplay is not 2008 worthy.

      I will be more than happy to eat my own words, if the game turns out to be 2008 worthy, but as I said. I am a bit apprehensive.

      Still hopin' for a killer game though

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        Um, I still love the original - a rehash would be just fine with me.


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          3-It now seems from a preview that your biggest colony will outgrow the original 9 squares of an original colony. In a preview, one said that they loaded a gamefile as the Spanish and they saw a big ass colony who had outgrown and had several colonies has suburbs whitch exploited ressources for the central colony.
          I don't consider this as conclusive evidence of a difference between old and new.

          In the original game you could setup wagon trains to supply colonies with resources (including food), decoupling a colony's dependency on the resources in its 9 squares.

          That was one interesting difference between colonization and civ -that you could setup an infrastrucure and internal economy.

          E.g. A large, developed "city" that trains specialists & process goods receives iron from an outlying mining "village". The iron is converted into tools, which are shipped back to the mining village for use in developing the village itself.

          Because civ's basic principles haven't changed much (with respect to colonization's model), the contrast between the two game models will still be fresh enough for durable gameplay -IMO.


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            This is Apolyton, we have a long standing tradition of condemning things we basically know little about
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              Well,, it's not titled Colonization II ,, its just being called Civ4 Colonization .. It's for a reason, it's Colonization with the Civ4 engine.. Those tweaks does not a new game make. It plays out the same and still has the one same victory condition.. New Victory conditions would of made it more a great "strategy" game..
              Fans of the original are happy.. some of us that liked only aspects of the original are still waiting for a Colonization II..


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