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    So nobody knows. It's just odd; you'd think availability details would be all over the place by now, what with this being such a big title.



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      I'd call that fairly definitive, but it's up to you

      The various direct-download services are all pretty lousy at promoting upcoming games unless they're A+ titles, to be honest. Direct2Drive (my preferred option) basically promoted Spore and that's it recently; they'll near-certainly have Col (2K has an agreement with them to distribute Civ titles, IIRC, and has every version of Civ out there on D2D all the way back to Civ2); but they have no evidence of carrying Col (and the same with BtS back when it was first released, and same with Warlords, IIRC).

      More than likely it's just that they don't really have big marketing budgets yet, so they don't spend time on it; but I would wonder how many folks have preordered Col off Gamersgate that would normally do so off D2D but couldn't find a link to do so...
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