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  • (RT) Protok World mod

    From the Steam Workshop description:

    Protok World a compilation mod and its working name, it includes:
    unlocked game options that were blocked by developers,
    innovations that deepen various aspects of the gameplay,
    a storyline unfolding in the Anchor Ceti sector.

    Start game settings
    • 6 starting conditions: Trailblazers, Mercenaries, Cargo module, Electromagnetic sensor, Cryotome, Xeno control;
    • 4 planet maps: Inland sea, Tiny Islands, Glacier, Skirmish;
    • From 1 to 12 players on a map of any size (1.11);
    • The [Enable Alien Skeletons] option has been introduced. If Makara and other aliens die, there is a chance to get a skeleton for the expedition;
    • The [Enable search for Expeditions] option has been introduced. During the game, different types of expeditions will appear on the map (Satellite, Ruins, Sunken ship, etc.), as well as Supply Pods;
    • Maximum number of turns increased to 99999 (1.10);

    • Colorful Tech Web and Affinityful (1.10);
    • Filters by yield for technologies give more results, including from the quest selection (1.11);
    • Fixed a bug in the description of the 4th upgrade of experience (1.08);
    • The [Enable timer] option has been introduced and displays the current system date and time on the top panel (1.06);
    • Personal Logs back on loading screen. Added new for factions 9-12 (1.10);
    • List of factions on loadscreen (1.11);
    • You can raze the city after the annexation is complete (1.11);
    • Diplomatic Capital is displayed in city management, when choosing a trade route, on the general information of the economy (1.11);
    • Added the Planning tab to the Economy screen with options for notification of accumulated reserves (1.11);
    • Supported languages: English, Russian;

    • Added coloring of units with player colors (Worker, Colonist, Boat, Explorer, Soldier, Ranger, Cavalry, Trader, Ultrasonic, Carrier, Patrol Boat)(1.11);
    • 10+ experience levels (1.08); Explorers can get experience (1.09);
    • Ultrasonic emitter as a game unit (1.11); technology: Alien biology; building: Ulrasonic fence - supplies components for production; expensive support; each next one costs 15% more;
    • 2 units per tile is ON in version 1.11;

    • In the description of the building added options of quest choice (1.11);
    • No more than 6 Secret Projects per base (1.11);

    • Added information on the yield modernization and the technologies and virtues required for this in the category of Improvements (1.11);

    • The number of artifacts is doubled;
    • Adjusted the number of Explorers in computer players to compete with humans for expeditions. The number of AI Explorers depends on the real map size;
    • The distance between outpost and station decreased from 2 to 1 tile (1.10);
    • Returned a plot description of trading Stations when apears and clicked (1.04). Added missing description for some stations. Added 3 stations (1.07);
    • Rewards for Pods and Expeditions are more diverse and are distributed according to the following scheme: 1/3 goes to the nearest base, 1/3 to the Capital, 1/3 to any base in the colony (1.07);

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    Thanks for the heads up!