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  • Stoping AI Wins

    I wonder what it takes to keep an AI from winning. I just destroyed a beacon, but it still shows her at 80% of that victory. My way of thinking that should restart the 45 turns. I'll have to destroy her completely to make sure. Does anyone one if destroying the beacon or gates is enough to stop the AI win.


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    She rebuilt the beacon in three turns. Talk about a cheat. So I destroyed that city and the beacon was destroyed again.


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      Her Gunpowder is wet and compass broken so it's on to destroy a Mind Flower and that civ for good measure.


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        Yah, the only sure way is to eliminate them.
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          I took a break from my war with Hutama to go and just outright kill Daoming cause she had the gall to build a beacon. I also trapped Hutama on the poles as I conquered my way across the land. We were on an equatorial world. MWAHAHAHAHA!
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            In my last game, I had to just about eliminate Elodie because the Europeans built a mind flower. By the time Kavitha built hers, I had too many Earthlings settled for anyone to stop me.

            I might have lost that game if Daoming hadn't declared war on me early. I was on an awesome continent that... everyone but Europe and Brazil were on. I had room to build three cities, but after I took Tiangong, suddenly I had all the room I needed. And the Asians became my devoted ally. Odd.
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