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Me and Ally Auto Declare War on our Ally?

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  • Me and Ally Auto Declare War on our Ally?

    Me (ARC), Polystralia, and Kavithan Protectorate are allies. A few turns after I save I get a notif Saying that me and Polystralia Declared war on Kavithan Protectorate. I didn't enter any trade screens recently or received any war requests 10 turns ago, so what is going on here?... PS I also saw this from Civ4, I assume its irrelevant because CivBE is based on Civ5 and Civ5 is most likely built from scratch.

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    This happened all the time in Civ 5. When you had a Defensive Pact, if anyone declares war on the one you have the pact with, you immediately declare war on the aggressor. You have no choice in the matter. If it's someone else you have a pact with, or in this case an alliance, you still immediately go to war.

    And even though your enemy knew you had the pact/alliance and attacked anyway, you still seem to get a warmonger penalty and they hate you forever because you declared war on them.
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      Yep, this is a problem with the Civ5 system.
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