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    So... we were told that each civ would chose an affinity based on the situations in each particular game. For instance, for me Brazil has once gone Supremacy, once Harmony, and once got swatted down before they could chose. Huzzah.

    But in every game I've played, both the Africans and the Asians have gone Supremacy. Every single time. Daoming looks like she's experimenting with Predator tech, and Barre looks like a Borg. It's never any different. Is this normal? I can easily see Daoming going Supremacy with her quotes about how electronic thought being just as valid as human thought, but I'd like to see what they look like with the other two affinities too.

    On that note, Koslov never picks an affinity, and nobody ever goes far enough into Harmony to begin to show it. Anyone else have this problem? Is it common?
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    I don't know if there are any outright Affinity weightings for AI Leaders. There are weightings for victory conditions.

    If you look at the Leader pages on the wiki you can see how their preferences are weighted.
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      How many games have you played? How many civs were in each game? 8 civs + 3 affinities means that over even a moderate number of games you will observe some civs choose some affinities disproportionately often just through random chance.