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Espionage: How to get More Agents

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  • Espionage: How to get More Agents

    Espionage is now a very powerful aspect of gameplay. The number of Agents you have will determine how much use you can get from it.

    To get more Agents:

    +3 Agents: Research Computers. Build the Spy Agency.
    +1 Agent: Research Communications. Build a Command Center. Choose Agent from Spymaster and Commander Quest
    +1 Agent: Research Communications. Build a Feedsite Hub. Choose Agent from Hearts and Minds Quest
    +1 Agent: Research Artificial Intelligence. Build a CEL Cradle. Choose Agent from By Our Powers Combined Quest
    +1 Agent: Information Warfare Virtue. (Knowledge Tier 3)
    +1 Agent: Tier 2 Synergy Bonus (8 Tier 2 Virtues)
    +1 Agent: Complete the Special Delivery Quest

    To power up your Covert Ops:

    +40% Intrigue for Successful Ops: Special Services Virtue (Might Tier 2)
    Agents need fewer Covert Ops to level up: Research Artificial Intelligence. Build Surveillance Web. Choose Strengthen Covert Ops from Big Brother Quest
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    There is at least one more +1 agents hanging around somewhere, I ended my first ARC game with 10. Will double-check the save file when I get home.

    Is the Special Delivery quest the main-story one that everyone gets?


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      The other is probably the quest to perform a level 4 Covert Op. I havent been able to do that yet.
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        Ah yes, I just wasn't sure if that quest was included in your list because I forgot the name. I managed to do it by couping Brazil's capital (!) while he was at war with me (!).


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          The AI has always gotten agents in to defend or surveillance web up against me. I get stuck on 3 intrigue max.
          "tout comprendre, c'est tout pardonner"


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            Is anyone else having trouble with certain quests? Some seem to retroactively complete while others do not, requiring you to do them again, while some just appear to be flat out bugged to death. I sent an operative to a rival city and did the Submit Dossier operation, which he completed no problem. Later a quest popped up with Submit Dossier as the quest objective, and the quest didn't retroactively complete despite the fact he had already done it, so then I had the operative do it again, and it still didn't complete. Tried several times including returning to operative to HQ and then sending him back to the same city to do it again, still nothing. Has anyone had that problem? What did you do to fix it? Might just be bugs that need to be patched


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              I haven't noticed that. It sounds like the problem being the Op being available before the quest is active.
              "tout comprendre, c'est tout pardonner"