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    What is a Democracy Game?

    In a democracy game (or demogame or DG) the entire community plays a single, single-player game cooperatively. Per the name, we decide democratically what our faction should do - where to found cities, what to research, and who to conquer liberate. These orders are then carried out by a designated player (typically elected) who will be communicating the results in a live chat or streaming them on Twitch.

    How does this actually work?

    The initial designated player will start a single-player game with agreed-upon map and civilization parameters. He will play the turn according to the instructions given him by the ministers and the citizens. After each turn he will save the game and post the save to the forum, where anyone can download it to look at the state of the civ.

    How do I participate?

    The easiest way is to post in the forum, vote in elections and vote in polls. We will hold periodic elections for the positions of President and some ministers. These ministers will handle minutia within their sphere of responsbility - for example, the Minister for the Interior might be responsible for planning worker allocation. However, the bigger decisions (what tech to research next?) will be put up for group discussion and vote.

    What if I want to be in the government?

    Then next time there is an election for the position you want, nominate yourself! Anyone can run for office.

    What kind of positions are there?

    Right now our constitution only provides for a President, who is also the designated turn-player. After the first several turns we plan to expand this with several ministers such as Science and Interior.

    Once our faction grows more, we will create new officer positions such as Governor. Players will be able to choose which city they live in and vote for their local governor, who will have control over some aspects of the city.
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    My question for the FAQ: Where is everybody?
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