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    The reviews remind me of what people said about CivCol: "I was expecting a new game, but found a mod."

    I heard this over and over from the critics and blew them off. It turned out they were right.
    It plays exactly like the AI from Civ V. It just sits back and watches me play. The only real difference is the
    tech web. It really does play like a Civ V mod.


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      The AI does need a lot of work. But if it's a mod, it's a mod which makes the game a lot more fun to play. For me at least.
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        Originally posted by Proteus_MST View Post
        I am also missing the large number of stat screens you usually have in Civ ... some of them also rather useful/necessary ... for example a City List, or a stats screen with the number of units you have for each unit type.

        I definitely hope the reason for them missing is just, that they didnīt have time to implement them before release (and will implement them in a later update) and not, that they are planning to leave them out in Civ-BE.

        I have to withdraw this comment.
        Seems like I just overlooked the small Plus-Sign on the left of the rows with icons for the Stats screens
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          I agree with this:

          What ultimately kills the exciting early game for me is the knowledge that it’s just going to grind down to a long slog of “next turning” over and over and over again, waiting through each AI player’s prolonged and passive frippery, hoping I’ll get my victory condition done before someone else. This is what passes for endgame in Beyond Earth. The longer the game has gone on, the less pretense it makes about asking me to make decisions. I’m just picking buildings that did the same stuff as the earlier buildings. Do I want to boost science or production or food? So many options for whatever I like, all under nonsense science names and a busy iconography that will barely register, and sometimes locked behind strategic resources that I’ve hardly needed all game. It’s as if Beyond Earth never thought I’d make it this far, as if all this cool stuff about calling wormstrikes on cities or launching tacjets from carriers or using advanced evolved supreme titans of harmony were just bullet points to make me think there would be an endgame that consisted of something other than “next turning”.

          To us, it is the BEAST.


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            Great for a Civ 5 mod, terrible for a Civ game.