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  • Hypothetical Overpowered 10x Traits

    Noticed this on the CivBE Reddit:
    What sponsor power, starting bonus, or virtue in Beyond Earth would be the most broken ability to ever exist in a Civ game if it were multiplied by 10? (self.civbeyondearth)

    submitted 1 day ago by Darunian

    Rules: Must respond with a description of the ability in addition to its name. Must explain why it would be broken or what gameplay yield it would create.
    My thoughts:

    If you can get +6 Supremacy from 10 techs ... which I'm pretty sure you can ... Slavic Federation. Ten chosen techs at first Satellite launch. Satellites stay up 200% longer.

    Take along Weapons Cache (Soldier) or Machinery (Worker), Engineers (Production), Tectonic Scanner (Strategic Resources).

    Either you pop a Satellite from a Pod (better chances with Weapons Cache) or research Ecology (Turns: Teens) and launch a Miasmic Repulsor (anywhere but over your city). Which means in the first ~20 turns (sometimes as early as turn 1) you could chose 10 techs. This could happen before anyone else has even landed on the planet!

    First 3 Techs:

    Engineering (Combat Rover, Titanium), Fabrication, Cybernetics ...

    Cybernetics is where Phasal Transporter is thought to be. Not sure yet what it's requirements are, though it likely requires some Strategic Resources given the requirements for other late-game Orbital units. Which is why Tectonic Scanner is so important. The other reason is because a Titanium Mine would really boost your Production. With Phasal Transporter you can then teleport units anywhere in orbital coverage. To "fill" it and make it OP go with Supremacy up to 6 at least. That gives you Orbital Coverage over every Firaxite resource along with Disciples (30 STR, Supremacy 6 Soldiers). So now you have the potential to teleport Disciples all around the map. Cybernetics opens up a +40 Supremacy Leaf Tech (Autogyros) so is also useful for the +Supremacy side of things. Nice synergy all around.

    Possible 4th Tech:

    Chemistry (Petroleum Well)

    Only need to take this if you need a Petroleum Well to build a Phasal Transporter.

    Next 3 Techs:

    Try to double up the +Supremacy techs with Supremacy unique units for fun. The game should be over if you get to Supremacy 6. At minimum you have Disciples to help you claim the resources if you don't already have them, and to take out any close neighbours before you'd even consider building the Phasal Transporter.

    Robotics, Tactical Robotics (+Supremacy 25?, CNDR), Autogyros (+Supremacy 40?, CARVR)

    Last 3 or 4 Techs:

    If you can make Supremacy 8 without sacrificing Phasal Transporter it would be fun. Opens up Prophets (40 STR 3 MOV Supremacy 8 Combat Rovers) and would allow you to build more CNDRs as well. CARVRs (Supremacy 9) are less likely to get to.

    You would be able to grab up to +50 more Supremacy (+12, +12 and +12, +12 and +25, +40, or +25 and +25) depending on what makes the most sense. Just need to get Supremacy 6 (or 8 for fun). The rest you can put towards Production boosts.

    Power Systems (+12 Supremacy, +Production from Mines) would be a good one as long as it doesn't ruin your chance at Supremacy 6 (or 8 for fun). Physics gives +1 Production from Quarries, so if you have Quarries it's useful. Terraforming->Planetary Engineering would open up Geoscaping (+40? Supremacy) and gives +1 Production from Generators.
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    Frankly, yes, the Slavic federation sounds over powered but I'd really have to dig in to the tech tree and game mechanics to figure out the details.
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      This was just a hypothetical if it was 10x as strong as it really is.

      Though I think that 1 free tech early is still a very strong bonus.
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          This is a very powerful build. I'm always playing with the talents trying to figure out new builds also.



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            The Slavic federation sounds over powered.
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