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JEFF BRIGGS June 23, 2002

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  • JEFF BRIGGS June 23, 2002

    23.June.02, Interview
    The big mind behind Civilization 3 talks about both Civ3 and it's upcoming expansion pack: Play the World

    Apolyton: Lets start with the single really important PtW question Did the expansion pack Civs Poll affect Firaxis's choice of civs for the PtW?

    Jeff Briggs: Sure... we certainly pay attention to Apolyton polls. I think all the Civilizations in Play the World were in one poll or another over time.

    Apolyton: How big part of the Civ3 development do you consider yourself involved in? What about PtW?

    Jeff Briggs: I've lived and breathed Civ III throughout the development process. As the game's designer I lead the development team all the way through... But Jeff Morris, the producer of PTW, has played the central role in that project's development.

    Apolyton: What lead you to the decision to leave multiplayer for the future instead of delaying the entire game?

    Jeff Briggs: As you'll soon see, we've put a tremendous amount of work into the multiplayer offerings for Civ III: PTW and it took the focus of many of the Civ III team members to make it happen. At its heart, Civilization has always been a single player game and we wanted those players that love single play to have the game as soon as we could. Also we wanted to make sure that the multiplayer mode got the focus it needed.

    Apolyton: Many civers didn't like the fact that you took out Fundamentalism from Civ3. What was the main reason of doing so? Is Civ3 politically correct or is there some secret agenda?

    Jeff Briggs: This decision was made for game balance reasons. Fundamentalism allowed certain strategies that seemed unfair and unbalanced, so it was removed. No secret agendas...

    Apolyton: Has Civ III lived up to the sales expectations? (Silly question ) Will more sales mean more expansion packs?

    Jeff Briggs: We're really happy with the sales of Civ III. As for future expansion packs, we're always interested so there may well be.

    Apolyton: Will future patches still be done for regular Civ III? Will regular civ3 get the (single-player) scenario abilities of PtW via a patch?

    Jeff Briggs: The next patch for Civ3 will include the editor upgrades talked about at E3.

    Apolyton: What has been the feedback you've gotten for civ3? Do you see the negative comments being restricted to a vocal hardcore minority or something more?

    Jeff Briggs: We've gotten a ton of very positive feedback about Civ III. Of course you can't please all of the gamers all of the time, so we expect some negative comments... and we listen to them and make adjustments when we think it makes sense.

    Apolyton: Several Firaxians have accounts on Apolyton, post occasionally and are known to visit it daily. But what about you and Sid? What's your opinion on the site and the forums?

    Jeff Briggs: Apolyton is held in the highest regard around here. We rely on you guys for feedback on things we're doing and to keep our hardcore fans well informed. You always deliver and we appreciate all of your dedication and hard work.

    Apolyton: Is there any thought now of a Civ IV? Will your future projects stay in the tbs genre or are you exploring other ideas too?

    Jeff Briggs: Of course, our feeling is that if players want more Civ then we're all for doing it! Our future projects will vary in genre... we've got a bunch of great game ideas we plan to bring to life in a number of creative ways.

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    It is very old interview but it is informative.