Today Rutger, Peter, Tobias and me spent a lot of time again on the Firaxis stands on GamesCom in Cologne Germany. We were able to interview some fair visitors who were playing Civilization hands on the first time themselves. We even got Napoleon Bonaparte on tape himself, commenting on this games business, picturing him in fancy forms of entertainment.

Rutger and me talking with Jon Shafer about Civ 5!

Most important for us was of course meeting up with Jon Shafer, the lead designer of Civilization V, and Peter Murray, Marketing Associate of Firaxis Games. Peter gave us this demo about Civilization 5 in this fancy business environment with all these civ hexagons on the walls. We talked with Jon about Civ for about 20 minutes as well. We got it on tape and we'll feature it later here on Apolyton. Please stay tuned, editing videos is not a daily job for us

Expect hands on preview, image galleries and some game footage videos as well in the coming days. It's a lot of fun to be on a games fair with press access, I can surely tell you that

Peter Murray presents the Civ V demo
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