Any of you have any lingering resentments toward CivFantatics, WePlayCiv, RealmsBeyond, Civ4Players or anyone else? Well now is your chance to help settle the score! Apolyton is taking on the world in a global game of civ! Teams will be fielded from popular civ sites across the Internet! Let's defeat them all in this epic demo game! Every major civ site will have their own team and we get to face off against them! Apolyton has been invited to field TWO teams. One for our Spanish community and one for the rest of us. [B]Join the Apolyton Spanish team here, and the Apolyton English team here.

Apolyton's active diplogamer community has begun organizing a team and have thus far signed up an impressive squad of:

Robert Plomp

However we need more!! Polytubbies of all skill levels and time commitments are encouraged to stop by the organization thread and join the team! This is a demo game, so no contribution is too small!

On Thursday we received the following post in the Civ4-MP forum:

Originally posted by 2metraninja View Post
Hey, Guys!

A Multi-Team Demo Game 3 (MTDG3 for short) is forming at CFC. I want to invite the Apolytoneers to form a team around the dedicated players and sign up for it.

To those who dont know what this MTDG thing is, I can say that this is a Civ4 BTS 3.19 game, played on pitboss between few (5-6) teams consisting of 5-10-20 players each where the players discuss, argue if need be and vote or simply decide what the best course for their team is and then a turnplayer (or several of them) play the actual turn. Collective brainstorming, multiple opinions, democratic voting, between-team diplomacy - all those are used to make sure the team develops best and at the end eventually wins the game by one of the conditions.

There will be a mapmaker and admins for the game.

For now we expect at least two teams from civfanatics and one from realmsbeyond.

Here is the original organization thread

As an interesting side information I can tell you that our Team Amazon with Captain Sommerswerd had won the last MTDG2 just few months ago with a space ship launched in a tight final race.

So, come on you Apolytoneers, get up, gather yourself and field a team to compete for the glory of Apolyton. Glory and fame awaits all those who join!

your buddy,
Let's do this!!